Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Back And Forth Today!

Today has been great, because I've spent most of my day doing some serious rewrites and editing. During my day I would rest for a few minutes and check my e-mail off and on.

Around 1:00, I took an hour long break and I made us sandwiches for our lunch. Then I was back to editing again. And so there wasn't anything great, exciting or funny stuff to write about for tonight's post.

So I am going to tell you about my dear friend Mari and I writing short e-mails back and forth today, because this morning Mari sent me one of those funny pictures about Wal-Mart shoppers. Below is an edited version of our correspondence.

Mari wrote:

"I must be the ONLY person on the planet who has never had what I’m told is a ‘typical’ Wal-Mart experience....

…I’ve always had decent experiences in Wal-Mart – at least when it comes to the PEOPLE. (Not so, the stocking, where they are often out of stuff I want, or I have to dodge people pulling food for Pick-Up, or they’ve MOVED stuff to where I can’t find it!)"

I wrote:

"....A few weeks ago when I was in there buying another colander/alien-attracting helmet to make for a friend, there were these two girls, probably about thirteen, throwing a big ball back and forth over an isle. They were laughing and screaming while their boyfriends jumped on bicycles and began riding them up and down the isles in the kid's toys section. It made Tony and me mad and we wondered where their parents were…."

Mari wrote:

"Ok so I started laughing when reading this. You – are there “buying another colander/alien-attracting helmet”. Does that qualify YOU as a Wal-Martian? LOL

Seriously though I can believe it about the kids because they are not being raised with respect any more and their parents are off looking at their cellphones. I wouldn’t want John Q. Public in any building that I own.

Little wonder Wal-Mart has cameras everywhere."

I wrote:

"...Omg, you're right—me buying another alien-attracting helmet—lol! So,I guess that does make me a Wal-Martian!"

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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