Wednesday, April 17, 2019

One Strange Rock! or On Demand!

Last Sunday afternoon, I went over to see Carol. I thought we were going to visit and then watch one of my all-time favorite movies—The Electric Horseman. The 1979 movie starring Robert Redford, Jane Fonda, Willie Nelson, Valerie Perrine and Wilford Brimley.

After we caught up with each others news, I handed Carol my movie, so we could watch it, because Carol had never seen this fun movie, but I was wrong. When I told her that she was going to love watching this movie, she said, "I've seen it and I love that movie. In fact, I watched it again just a few months ago..."

And after I told her that I thought she had told me that she had never seen it, we had a good laugh about it and then we went back outside to sit on her deck, so we could enjoy the beautiful weather. Bottom   Line: When I got back home I watched The Electric Horseman by myself— if you don't count Little Debbie, Roy, Beau, Henry and Big Al(ice).

Monday was a great day, too. Or at least it was until around 5:00 that evening. But that is another story that I do not wish to talk about, in hopes that I will forget about what had happened in Kerrville.

So that evening, to help get me out of my funk I watched The Highwaymen, on Netflix—starring Kevin Costner, Woody Harrelson and Kathy Bates. Then I stayed up until 1:00 writing on my third novella.

Yesterday was a great day—thank goodness. I spent my morning writing and then Tony and I spent a few hours doing some yard work.

After lunch we went to Kerrville and ran a few errands. Bottom   Line: We returned home with clean clothes and laundry and some much needed groceries. And last night I decided to watch National Geographic's One Strange Rock: The Story of Earth, hosted by Will Smith.

I was hooked after watching the first episode of One Strange Rock, so I stayed up late again, and watched two more episodes of this amazing series, on Netflix. Then I stayed up for another hour and wrote some more.

Today has been another great day even though this morning our little, cheap, plastic, water dispenser started leaking, in the big room, so Tony carried it outside and put it to rest in the trash can.

But the good news about this is Tony went into the barn and returned with our old, reliable GE Profile electric water dispenser that we had used in our trailer, before we moved over here.

We had loved this hot/cold water dispenser that has a small refrigerator, at the bottom, to store cold beverages, but I guess when we were moving over here we must have stuffed it inside the barn and had forgotten about it.

Anyway, Tony and I cleaned it from top to bottom, out on the front porch and then we put it, next to my desk, where the broken, plastic water dispenser had served us. And I am more than thrilled that Tony found our water dispenser, because now we can enjoy having icy, cold water on demand, again. So knock-on-wood—life is good.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


karlee3 said...

It looks like some bad storms are headed your way. Stay safe you, and Tony tonight. We had some out our way West . I haven't ever watched The Electric Horseman. But I do like the Highwaymen . Stay safe. I made the Honey Bear Bread. It was so very yummy. My daughter and my neighbor friend loved it too. Thank you for sharing the recipe and the site. Stay safe and keep on Smiling.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Karlee3! It looks like we might be in for some thunderstorms. I just checked radar, so I just gave Big Al(ice) her tiny doggie downer and put her thunder jacket on her. So she will be ready.

The temperature is dropping outside and the wind is picking up, so I plan to unplug everything in about five minutes and I guess spend the rest of the evening reading.

I love Electric Horseman and I hope that you get to watch it sooner than later. I liked the Highwaymen, too. Costner and Harrelson and Kathy Bates were great, even though it was almost too violent for me to watch.

I am so glad that you made the Honey Beer Bread and that you, your daughter and neighbor loved it, too.

We will try to stay safe and keep on smiling. Thank you for your comment.