Tuesday, April 23, 2019


As you know Tony and I have been working more hours lately, so it has seemed that saying, "That time flies when you're having a good time," is true.

Also today has been great. I didn't work next door today, so I have spent much of my time "writing up a storm." I love that saying too, and that is why I use it often.

So here is the weird part that has to do with these two popular sayings. Early this evening Carol called and left me a message.

I was sitting right next to the phone when Carol called, but because I was smack in the middle of writing a funny scene, for my third novella, I let Carlton take the message, so I could keep writing and finish the scene.

About twenty minutes later, I needed to take a break and step back from my laptop, so I called Carol back. As always she and I did a lot of laughing as we caught up with each others latest news.

When we were about to adios each other I looked at the Atomic Wall Clock, and said, "Omg Carol. You're not going to believe this. Our clock on the wall is saying that is April 23rd and the time is correct. It is 5:35, but it is showing that today is Saturday! This is Tuesday? Right?"

"Yes, it is definitely Tuesday," Carol replied, as I snapped the picture of the clock.

"I knew it was, but I just wanted to make sure. I guess the batteries for the clock are running low and that is why it is malfunctioning. Or else time does fly...."

So after Carol and I adios-ed each other I went back to "writing up a storm." But this time when I was writing a scene about Carol and me, in the desert, it started raining real hard.

So I guess the lesson to learn here is to take caution when using famous quotes, because they just might come true.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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