Saturday, April 6, 2019

Okay, I Lied! or Redneck Dryer!

Okay, I lied, but I didn't do it on purpose. Seriously, I thought we would be too busy working for me to post anything until Sunday or Monday night, but as you can see I was wrong. So let's just say that I unintentionally lied to set the record straight.

Today has been great, because I slept in late with our four-leggers. After doing my morning habit (Sit up, and say, "Today is going to be a great day!" Loudly clapping my hands together and then jumping out of bed.) The dogs followed me into the kitchen, so I could drink my first cup of coffee.

But before getting to my coffee mug, I saw that Tony had left me a short, sweet note—"I've gone next door to work. Will be back soon. Love, Tony."

While I was listening to my music and enjoying my first cup of coffee I realized that I needed to hand wash Tony's and my white shirts, that we wear at work, because we are working tonight and we will need to wear them, again.

After washing our "work" shirts, in the kitchen sink, I hung them out on the solar dryer to dry. A little while later, it was looking like it might rain, so thinking fast, because I needed for our shirts to dry, I went and got my small, but powerful, little hand drill, some screws and my step stool.

And just as I was about to climb up my step stool, on the front porch, Tony drove up and asked me what I was doing. "I'm fixin' to put in some screws, up here, so I can hang our shirts on them so our shirts will dry." Then Tony asked me where I wanted the screws and then he put them in for me.

Then I took the clothes off the solar dryer and put them on coat hangers and hung them up on the porch. And Tony teased me, and said, "If this ain't redneck I don't know what is. It's a redneck clothes line." Then it started raining lightly.

Because of the high humidity, as Tony was going back into his man-cave to rest, I asked him, "Please get my powerful floor fan, out of the bedroom and put it on top of the bench, below our big, front window. I'll plug it in for you."


"Because I am going to hang up our shirts inside and let the fan dry them. I know it will work, because it dries my hair in less than a minute." Then Tony chuckled and went and to get my fan.

After Tone turned the fan on its highest speed, I went outside and got my shirt that was hanging up and brought it inside and hung it up on a eye-hook in the rafters, and then I aimed the fan upwards—to dry my shirt, as Henry Standing Bear watched with interest. And that's when Tony declared, "Now, it's a redneck dryer."

As we watched my shirt twirl around in the high wind, we were laughing. Then Tony said, "Gosh, let's hope no one comes over here and sees this." Then he went outside and locked our gate closed, so no one would be able to drop by.

And by the time he got back inside The Cabin—my shirt was almost completely dry, except for the cuffs! So I took my shirt down and hung it up in the shower to finish drying. Then I hung up Tony's wet work shirt to dry, in the big room.

As I finish writing this, at 12:57—both of our shirts are completely dry and they are ready for us to wear tonight. And it is now raining outside. And the good news is no one will ever know about our redneck dryer. So life is good, once again.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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