Friday, April 12, 2019

Safe And Sound!

Today has been great as usual—thank goodness. This morning before Tony and I went next door to work, I was cleaning The Cabin.

Hazel (My loyal, purple Animal Dyson vacuum cleaner) went back into the closet after she had removed all of the dog's hair from the floor, etc. And while I was washing the dishes, something caught my eye, so I glanced over and saw this beautiful rainbow dancing all over the wall, above my desk. So I grabbed my camera and caught a picture of the rainbow that was below my BELIEVE wall plaque  and to the left of my pretty Great Pyrenees On Duty sign that Carol gave to me last year.

Then I sort of panicked, because I realized that my little green alien was missing! He/She/It was not inside the BELIEVE plaque's small jar. But when I took a closer look the alien was inside the  jar. It just needing dusting. In fact, it was so dusty the jar and It needed a thorough washing.

So I carefully removed the jar holding precious cargo and washed them in the kitchen sink and after drying them I took this picture to prove I had washed them.

Then I put my alien back inside the jar and then hung the plaque back up on the wall.

Happy to know that my little green friend was safe and sound I then had to spend two minutes convincing Little Debbie that the small alien was mine and not a toy for her to chew on.

Before Tony and I left to go to work, he noticed the rainbow dancing on the wall, too. And like me he thought it was pretty cool. So I took another picture of it.

Now you may be wondering where the rainbows came from, so I am going to tell you—from the big crystal that I recently hung up, on the front porch, about halfway between the pig and the wind chime. (Almost parallel to the pig's back.)

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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