Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Oh Hail Update!

Oh Hail Update: 2:51 PM

Reporting Live From Big Foot Ranch

I took a wonderful nap with our dogs as it has continued to rain. Right after the dogs and I jumped off of the bed I came into the big room and snapped this photo.

As you can see it is 65 degrees inside and 59 degrees outside, so I am glad that I put on my sweatshirt. And I have not told Tony, but I am thinking of burning some wood in the wood burning stove to warm The Cabin up a few degrees. But we shall see.

After taking this photo, I went outside to take a few more pictures. This first one is to show that we still have a little hail still on the ground. And that small, silver dome thing, (right side 2/3s up from the bottom) was knocked off on the ground, is my little, treasured ET in a basket. A Christmas ornament that my dear friends retired Brigadier General Walter Ratliff and his beautiful, sweet wife, Cheryl, gave to me many, many Christmases ago.

Because it was raining pretty hard and also because I was afraid that the hail may have broken ET, I did not venture out into the rain to pick it up. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that ET is okay.

This next picture shows how much rain/hail we have received so far today.

This next picture is to show you some of the fallen leaves scattered around, after the hail storm.

This is a picture of my precious Buddha-dog, on our front porch table, that survived the hail-attack, because he had the protection of the covered porch and also because he is a Buddha dog.

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