Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Feel Good!

Today has been great and so much fun, because we met our dear friends for our Once-A-Month-Lunch Club, at Monroe's East End Grill. They are a fairly new restaurant establishment and because we've heard so much great stuff about them and their food, from Sandy Wolfmueller (Wolfmueller's Books) and other friends we decided to see for ourselves. And I am so glad that we did.

Right off of the bat, before we even parked I loved their color scheme, because it reminded me so much of our beautiful Big Foot Ranch colors, that orbs are always seem to be drawn to. Like the two orbs below, outside of my writing cabin.

Anyway, Monroe's East End Grill's parking lot was packed with vehicles and after we parked, happy people were everywhere and lots of laughter was coming from inside this awesome restaurant and outside of their pretty patio, where the six of us chose to eat our lunch.

Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about this wonderful restaurant. I would definitely give it a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating or ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, because the food was so delicious, the vibes were over the top, which is why everyone eating there was so happy. In fact, I loved this place so much I suggested to our Once-A-Month-Lunch Club that we meet here for lunch next month too, before I ate my tasty Brownie dessert.

Knowing that I needed to walk-off my delicious dessert, after lunch we walked behind the building and went next door to 1700 Water Street, the new home of the already famous East End Market.

The East End Market is this awesome multi-vendor vintage market showcasing all things unique, old and uncommon and it's owner/manager is the super-friendly Kate Howard-Marlow. 

The men followed Kris, Denise and me into the East End Market and when us girls walked inside our jaws dropped, because there was so much to see and to look at, and believe it or not the vibes were as good as Monroe's. 

I was instantly mesmerized by all of the cool stuff on display, as we took our time strolling around and checking out the store. And even though I didn't see any orbs floating around I was sure that they were amongst us, because they were probably just hiding.

While we had fun shopping around Denise tried on several different, beautiful ladies hats. Kris fell in love with Liz & Jim Cravotta's spaces and as she admired Liz's beautiful/whimsical for all occasion cards, I fell in love with just about everything else inside—especially that old saddle and the large painting of a Texas Longhorn. 

I suggest that everyone come check out the East End Market before or after eating lunch or breakfast or dinner at Monroe's East End Grill next door, which is located on Kerrville's east end of town, across from the River Trail Cottages.

And speaking of River Trail Cottages, (Newest Hotel Alternative) after a fun visit with the sweet, friendly owner, Kate Howard-Marlow, we adios-ed her and then we took our lives in our own hands and illegally jay-walked across the street to check out the inviting River Trail Cottages. And oh my goodness it is now most definitely the coolest place to stay in Kerrville and the vibes there were just as great as Monroe's East End Grill's and the East End Market's.

River Trail Cottages have 22 adorable, cozy cottages available for rent and an event center on-property perfect for family reunions, meetings and any social gatherings. The property also has lovely riverside pavilions, several fire pits, grills, picnic areas and more. And I had the hardest time leaving this enchanted wonderland, because of the beauty and peace that surrounded me. And just like the other two fine, east end establishments I must admit that I didn't see any orbs there, but I am positive they are around. 

Bottom   Line:  All three of these fabulous East-End places are such feel good places that I could have hung out there all day. I even daydreamed that I could lived there with everything (food, clothes, cottages, Guadalupe River, etc.) I need all within walking distance from one another. And I certainly would have stayed there much longer if Tony hadn't reminded me that we needed to get back home to check on our dogs. 

And before I finish writing this post tonight I want y'all to know that my loaf of zucchini bread turned out perfect and we loved it so much—Tony and I both ate two slices of it. Here are before and after pictures of my mouth-watering zucchini bread.

And last night after stuffing ourselves with this delicious bread, I sat down in my chair, with Big Al(ice) snuggling beside me and Little Debbie sleeping on my lap and I started reading this fabulous book that sweet Eileen gave to me for Christmas. Christmas at Grey Sage by Texas Hill Country author Phyllis Clark Nichols.

And reading Phyllis' book is so great that I could not put it down or better said, "I didn't go to bed until after midnight." And tonight I plan to spend my evening reading Christmas at Grey Sage until I finish reading it. Even though I don't want it to end, because I love this fabulous book.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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