Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Wonderful Wolfmuellers!

Saturday we had a cold front blow in and I totally loved it, because Tony and I built a fire in the wooden stove—making The Cabin so cozy. And here is a picture of Henry Standing Bear and Belle Starr-Simons relaxing or better said—sleeping and snoring.

I'm so glad that the cold front blew in, because it is probably going to be the last time for us to get to use the wood burning stove until Fall arrives.

Today has been great. This morning Tony and I went to visit Carol and we did a lot of laughing as always.  

After adios-ing Carol we took off to go visit Tony's brother Sam and his sweet wife Stacie. But first we made an intentional, fun pit stop, at the famous Old Timer, which is and always will be The official Heartbeat (Or The Pulse) of Medina, Texas—where everybody knows your name and the latest on what's going on, in Medina. 

I love The Old Timer so much, because it has the best vibes and you can always count on being greeted by Debbie Martin or her friendly, upbeat employees. 

Anyway, I could not wait to see all of the new changes/renovations that sweet Debbie has made to The Old Timer. And get this—when we pulled up, at The Old Timer and got out of Roy (our 2012 Dodge Ram truck) Debbie actually came outside and waved for us to come inside.

When we walked inside the store, Debbie and Melinda greeted us and after hugs and howdies I looked around and I loved what I saw. So I said, "Debbie, I love what you've done to your store. I mean, I have always loved the way it looked inside, but now you've outdone yourself....In fact, I am going to blog about this...."

Then I walked around and started taking pictures of the awesome-looking store, as Tony sat down at a table and visited with Melinda and Debbie. I loved the way Debbie had rearranged the store, with the longer, wider isles and her knack for decorating. And here are a just a few of the pictures that I took.

This is the Old Timer's Wall or as I like to call it— The Wall of Fame and Tony is such a morning regular there, he gets to keep his very own coffee mug, on the shelf, beside the big window.

And when I was at the back of The Old Timer, I took this picture of Debbie talking to Tony, but it is hard to see her, because The Old Timer is so big inside. Anyway, that is Debbie standing in front of the counter and Tony with his back to me, sitting on a bench.

Tone and I had a nice visit with Sam & Stacie and after we adios-ed them my day just kept getting better and better.

When we got back home, Carlton was flashing, on top of my desk. So I pushed his button to hear the message and then I punched in the number to return the call. "Hi Sandy! We just got back home and we would absolutely love for you & Jon to come see us...."

About forty-five minutes later, the wonderful Wolfmuellers arrived and we could not wait to show Sandy & Jon all that we've done to, the inside, of The Cabin, our water catchment system and Tony's keyhole garden area that he is still working on. 

Omg, Sandy & Jon made me feel so great. They loved our finished front porch, the painted red door and "the mud room" that we built last weekend, which is immediately on your left, as you enter The Cabin. They thought our kitchen was too cute and they assured me that they thought that there was no reason whatsoever for me not to have my electric stove, because of the microwave, counter top oven and my Instant Pot. 

When Tony and I started to brag about how much we love our Instant Pot, they laughed, and Sandy said, "Jon's sister Joan just got an Instant Pot and her twin, Jean, wants to get one, too. But I told Jean to just wait awhile, because Joan will probably use hers once and then give it to her...." 

After we gave Jon & Sandy a tour outside, showing them our water harvesting system and Tony's keyhole gardens we returned to the front porch and had a fun visit. And during our conversation I asked them if they had ever eaten, at the Wild Ass Hey Barn. "Yes, we've been there and we love it, too," Sandy said.

"There food there is so delicious," Jon added. And then they told us about the restaurant's super-cool deck, that overlooks the Guadalupe River. "Their Friday Night Catfish Dinner is fabulous, and it is also open Mic night, so you get to listen to some really good music while enjoying the best fried catfish...." 

And that is about it for tonight, because I am going to watch a movie. I don't know which movie I will watch on Netflix of Amazon, but you can be sure it will either be a comedy or a romance movie.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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