Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Best of Times! or Jack's Jacket!

Yesterday and today have been so much fun and also exciting. Tuesday afternoon our great friends Denise & Mark came to see us and they brought their dear friends, Irene & Dave, who had come all of the way, from Florida, to visit them.

These two, fabulous couples have been best friends for over 40 years and they came down to see us, on their way-too-cool Harleys.

It was so great to see Denise & Mark and both Tony and I instantly became best friends with Irene & Dave, because we all had so much in common.

We had a blast visiting with them yesterday. And this morning before they headed back, to Austin, they came back for another fun-filled visit. But I believe Little Debbie had the best of times, because if Denise wasn't holding her or Irene wasn't gushing over her—Mark was carrying her around like a little baby.

Little Debbie was eating up all of the attention she was getting and she was starting to get a big head about it, until she learned that Mark & Denise were missing their little, precious Ouzie, another adorable Chihuahua that they had rescued a few years ago. And when Irene showed me cute pictures of Ouzie, Denise laughed and said, "I think Ouzie is adorable, but Mark tells people she looks like a loaf of bread with a head and a tail."

And after we had quit laughing about how Mark described their Chihuahua, Irene said, "She is cute, but she has an armadillo tail." Then Irene quickly showed me a picture of Ouzie's rear-end and I did have to agree with her that Ouzie's tail looks exactly like an armadillo.

This afternoon after we adios-ed our great friends Tony and I took off for Kerrville, so we could run a few errands. And our first stop was at, Wolfmueller's Books, which is one of our favorite places in Kerr County and the best bookstore in Texas.

When we walked inside Wolfmueller's Books, Sandy & Jon and Jean (Jon's sister) greeted us. Then they invited us to sit down for a fun visit. Omg, Tony and I had so much fun visiting with them and I laughed for so long, my back was aching, before I even got to tell them about Jack's jacket. And here is a condensed version on that topic.

"Y'all know how much I love Heartland," I said. "The show is so awesome. It takes place in Alberta, Canada and has been on television for over eleven years, in Canada and is popular all over the world.

"Netflix has 9 seasons of Heartland and each season has 18 episodes that are each 42 minutes long. Seriously, I am addicted to that wholesome show."

"I love Heartland too," Jean replied.

"Nancy loves it so much she has watched the 9 Seasons three times," Tony added.

"It's true. And after watching the nine Season's twice, I broke down and bought Heartland's Season 10. And I loaned my Season 10 to Ronnie & Nita, when I went up for Katelyn's wedding. And Ronnie & Nita were so thrilled about it you would have thought I had loaned them a million dollars...and then Ronnie & Nita bought a subscription on UP TV and ...."

"....Well, Ronnie & Nita are addicted to Heartland too. And last week Ronnie called to tell me that he had done some research, on Heartland, and he found our that Jack's (Shaun Johnston, the awesome actor who plays Jack Bartlett, the cowboy, rancher and the grandfather that everyone adores) barn jacket that he wears often, in the show. And it is not a canvas Carhartt coat like I thought it was. The jacket Jack wears is made by LL Bean and it is called a barn chore jacket..." And here is a picture of Jack wearing this great-looking, famous jacket.

"So Ronnie starts laughing and tells me that he had just bought a used Jack's jacket, on Ebay." Sandy, Jean, Jon and Tony started laughing. "I was so green with envy I ended up buying one, too—on Ebay and I got it cheaper than Ronnie paid for his. And my Jack's jacket came today, even though it was scheduled to arrive this Friday! Omg, I love it so much and then Ronnie...."

Late this afternoon before coming home, Tony and I dropped by Jim & Joan's beautiful ranch for a fun visit, because we could not wait to see it. Now remember, Jon's twin sisters are Joan & Jean and this is Joan's & Jim's ranch. 

Anyway, their beautiful ranch is totally awesome. Jim & Joan's ranch house is also totally awesome and Tony and I loved how she had decorated it, with Jim's help of course. So Tony and I had a really fun visit with our super-nice neighbors, up on the pass and then we came home. And guess what I did?

Yes, as soon as I had hugged all of our dogs, I grabbed my Jack's jacket, my cowboy hat, bandana and then locked myself, inside the restroom—while hoping and praying that Tony would not knock on the door, because he needed to rest.

Luckily for me Tony was well rested and he never knocked. So three minutes later, after putting on my "outfit" I came out, grabbed my camera and then asked Tony to come outside and take this picture of me—wearing Jack's jacket, so I could e-mail it to Ronnie and get a laugh out of him & Nita.

Tony chuckled about me wearing Jack's jacket, because it was about 80 degrees outside and he knew that soon I would be sweating bullets inside, so to  speak. So my poser-photo-shoot only took us about 1 minute outside. And this is the best picture, out of the fifteen, that Tony took of me wearing my Jack's jacket.

And that is about it for tonight, because I am going to watch Heartland's Season 7: Episodes 10, 11 and maybe 12.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Jean Weber said...

Nancy, I love the jacket and how you have accessorized it! Now you only have about 200 days to wait until the weather cools off enough for you to wear it again!! Maybe if eat up all your hot chocolate ice cream sitting in front of the freezer you could wear it then...just a thought.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Jean! That is a wonderful idea about eating the Mexican Hot Chocolatel ice cream, with the freezer door opened. I would do it tonight, except our dwindling supply of ice cream is under lock and key, in the Airstream.

Maybe tomorrow. And then I will only have 199 days left and counting until the weather cools off, again. Maybe I should go visit Cindy in Northern New Mexico, because they still have snow on the ground?

I would go out there in a Montana minute, but Amtrak's route would make me have to go to California first and then drop me off on the way back, in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Only 45 minutes from Ocate.

And please note that I pronounced Ocate—"Oh-Cot-ee" but Cindy let me know real quick that it is pronounced—"O-Kay-tay."

Here's a thought. If you were to buy a Jack's jacket too—maybe you and I could go out to New Mexico together, so we could take turns wearing them on the long train ride? I am a great poser and I could teach you real quick how to do it.

Anonymous said...

Looking great, Nance! I love your outfit and Jack's jacket is really neat.
Will have to put Heartland on the list to watch.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! Thanks for the compliment. You & Ian will love this Canadian show, that takes place in Alberta. Everyone we know is addicted to watching it.