Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Squirrel Won Again!

Today has been great and tonight's post is going to be pictures again, with just a few comments. First off, last night and early this morning I made a couple of changes to The Monster and this is what it now looks like.

Then I finally made a tough decision and decided I did not need my electric range, so with Aaron's help we closed in the area where my stove would have gone.

And forty-five minutes later, we finished that project. And then I put our microwave and small convection oven, on the new counter we built and then I put my Instant Pot, on top of the old counter, in the corner and added the toaster.

After Aaron adios-ed us,  I decided to paint a rug for my big bear ottoman to rest on.

And after I finished painting it and had Tony's Lasko hair dryer blowing on it, to make it dry faster, Belle Starr-Simons checked it out, while Little Debbie had another stare-down contest with my squirrel statuary. And needless to say the squirrel won, again.

I took this picture right before our dear friend Fourth arrived and when we showed him our finished kitchen and entry way and he loved it, too.

Then the three of us went outside to greet Carol, because after Fourth had called about dropping by for a visit we decided to invite Carol over too, because she is friends with Fourth and also because I could not wait to show her all we've done since her last visit.

The four of us had a really fun visit, out on the front porch, while the paint fumes were forced out of The Cabin—thanks to our his and her Lasko hair dryers.

After we adios-ed our good friends The Cabin no longer smelled of paint fumes thank goodness, so I closed the front door and took this last picture of our cozy cabin.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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