Thursday, December 8, 2016

To My Surprise!

To my surprise, most of the day has actually been great. For our lunch today, I cooked us a roast with mashed-cauliflower (Instead of mashed potatoes, because it actually taste just like mashed potatoes and it is so much more healthier for us.) and peas. Bottom line___Tony licked his plate clean.

After lunch we took off, for Kerrville, to pick up a refill prescription for Roy's arthritis and then for me to buy us our groceries and for Tony buy gas for Trigger and to buy more dog food for our rescued dogs. So, I guess that you could say that we had us a plan.

I love to make plans even though I know that most of our plans get changed, because of our animal rescue lifestyle. Seriously, no matter how much planning ahead we try to do we know that they can change faster than a spinning dime and many of our good friends can vouch for that, because they have had to put up with us being late or no-shows, etc.

This afternoon, after picking up Roy's feel-good pills, at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, we went to the big H-E-B, on Main Street. And before Tony dropped me off, at the main entrance, he said, "I hope you don't have to get a lot of groceries today, because I want to hurry and get back to the ranch, because of the weather."

"No," I replied. "I just need to get about ten things. I'll meet you back at the truck, after you buy the dog food." Then Tone and Trigger took off to the gas pumps.

The grocery store was playing some really great music and so I'm going to blame that on my much too-long shopping spree, inside their today. Playing great music is a well-known marketing practice that most of the big stores use to keep people shopping longer and spending more money. And they definitely had my number today, because their excellent play-list was so fabulous it sort of "mesmerized" me or at least that was my excuse that I used when Tony, much later, asked me what had taken me so long.

On our way back home, after we had discussed the weather, "Tony asked, "So what all did you buy?"

"Pee pads for Little Debbie, some ZzzQuil, Poligrip, dog food, air filters, organic gluten-fee spinach tamales, beer and wine, coffee, tea, some chicken thighs, steaks on sale....and a fruit cake."

"You bought a fruit cake? I hate fruit cakes and I'm not going to eat it. Why did you do that?"

"Well, the music had me mesmerized and when I was going to get an onion and some more cauliflower they were playing my favorite Fleetwood Mac song. Anyway, when I was going past the fresh breads, cakes, pies bakery section, I saw this huge crowd of people all grabbing fruit cakes that were in packaged in large, red and white boxes. In fact, I saw this one old lady actually put seven of those big fruit cake boxes into her empty cart. It was like a buying frenzy. It was like no one could get enough of these special fruit cakes, in a big box. And there were other kinds of smaller fruit cakes, on the display, but no one was buying them. And they were a whole lot cheaper than those big-boxed fruit cakes that everybody was grabbing off of the shelves. And so you'll know it's an imported, Italian, fruit cake, too and it might not taste like U.S. fruit cakes...."

So, by the time we went over, the Medina Pass, Tony and I were laughing about me buying us a fruit cake, because of Fleetwood Mac.

When we got back home we put our dogs outside and then we unpacked our groceries. And after we had put everything up, except for the fruit cake and H-E-B Parmesan Cheese. I grabbed my camera and took a picture of the fruit cake box. And then I lifted this huge fruit cake, out of the box and took a picture of it next to the parmesan cheese and a fork, to show just how tall it was, so I could document this historic day for me—when I actually bought us a foreign, fruit cake.

Then I begged Tony to please taste it, too. After he agreed to do it—I cut us two, thin, tall slices and served it. And to our amazement it was more like eating a streusel pastry, but even better. And after Tony gobbled his down, he cut himself another thin, tall slice to my delight.

I was so excited about this, I called Kinky. "Kinky, can I come over there and bring you a delicious piece of fruit cake to try?"

"Sure, Nance. But I don't really like fruit cakes. Come on over..."

Five minutes later I arrived, at the Lodge, with our foreign fruit cake, back inside it's big box. And to say the least, "After I told Kinky about this unique, foreign fruit cake and what had made me buy it. He cut himself a slice and like us—he loved it, too!"

And during our short, but fun visit, he kept eating more of it, so I suggested that he cut half of it off and keep it, so he could enjoy eating more of it. And he did and then I came back home.

When I walked back inside, The Cabin, carrying half of the leftover fruit cake, back inside it's box. And to my surprise I found Lori's Lamb Chop toy torn to shreds with its stuffing covering the kitchen's and the big room's floor. And I also caught Lori finishing her off. So I quickly grabbed my camera and quickly took these pictures, to be used as evidence, in her upcoming murder trial and to once again prove this why we can't have anything nice.

And please be warned that the this next picture may be too graphic for some, because it shows Lamb Chop dead-as-a door-nail. 

Then Tony helped me clean up the crime scene and then I sat down and wrote all of this.

Y'all take care and keep on laughing!


Anonymous said...

I bet that fruit cake would make a great french toast. Anyway, have you ever had any of the fruit cakes from Coriscana? I would never even try the stuff but apparently enough people do to keep that bakery going. Finally I remember the name of the baker, Collin Street Bakery :) my memory is older than dirt. Susie from Fort Worth

cousin nancy said...

Hi Cousin Susie! Yes, growing up in Ft. Worth, mom always had Collins Street Bakery Fruit Cakes to serve to their friends when they came to visit. In fact, if I remember right she always kept one in the fridge for emergencies and I would not be surprised if some of them stayed in there for years.

I've always like fruit cakes, especially Collin Street Bakery's. And when we were kids, I remember going to some friends of my parents house and she served us rum fruit cakes and it was good, too. So Mom came home and she and Dad had a fun evening dunking our alcohol-free fruit cake, in their egg nog with rum drinks.

Have a merry Christmas up there!