Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Ruth (Buzzi) & Kent Perkins For Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch!

The last few days have been great even though it is FMT (Full Moon Time). The past few days we've
had a lot of visitors and they were all fun visits. In between that, I've been busy doing ranch work and trying to catch up with all of the paperwork, phone calls, e-mails, etc. and during my breaks from that I've been deep cleaning The Cabin and I am making progress with both. Thank goodness.

I have some great news, too. This past week, Gerry Olert, our good friend and our official videographer for the rescue ranch, because he is the Best Videographer In Texas, finished editing the new video that he made for our rescue ranch. And to say the least, "We Totally LOVE It!"

I don't know if y'all remember me blogging about Gerry, Tony and me meeting up with our good friends, Kent & Ruth Buzzi Perkins, at the YO Hotel, last month, so Gerry could film them talking about our Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, because they love it. And they are huge supporters of it and have been for over 18 years.

I hope that y'all will check out Gerry Olert's latest, fabulous video that he did for free for our rescue ranch, because like Kent & Ruthie he loves our Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch. Please note that you can watch it at: www.utopiarescue.com or you can click here.

Our good friend Chet O'Keefe called me about an hour or so ago and we just got off the phone, because we had a lot of catching up to do, so that's it for tonight. And tomorrow, I promise to write more.

And Gerry's video also stars, our good friend, Dr. Craig Janssen, DVM, at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic.

Y'all have a great evening!


Anonymous said...

Not sure which was cuter, you getting your cheek pinched or that little darling puppy.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Anon! I think Ruthie was the cutest. Thank you for your comment.