Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tangled Up, Too!

Well, I sure hope that all of y'all had a wonderful Christmas, because we sure did and so did our fabulous four-legged rescued dogs.

After we cooked and served our rescued dogs their annual, delicious Christmas dinner and I had cleaned up the kitchen I cooked our Christmas dinner. And promptly, at 1:00, Kinky arrived, so he could eat Christmas dinner with our good friend Jim Keaveny and us. Bottom Line___It was delicious and we had a lot of fun enjoying Kinky's and Jim's hilarious tales about some of their musician friends.

Later on in the evening, Jim let us listen to his new CD, which is due to come out, in March and we can't wait to buy a copy, because it is totally fabulous. And if you want to check out Jim Keaveny, please click here: jimkeaveny.com and make sure to check out his Music & Videos and you can sample more of his music at: cdbaby.

We really enjoyed having Jim spend his Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with us. And Monday morning after Tony and I had done both of our chores, Kinky invited the three of us to come over, to the Lodge, for a visit and to drink some coffee with him.

When we went over to the Lodge, Kinky greeted us and then he immediately poured us coffees and Tony and I had a great time, sitting around the kitchen table, listening to more of their tales about some of the famous people they have known. There was a long discussion about Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Minnie Pearl & her husband, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Muddy Waters, June Carter and Bob Dylan just to name a few and that is why we spent over two hours over at Kinky's. And before we left, the Lodge, to come back over here, I took this picture of Jim & Kinky.

Sadly, late yesterday afternoon, Jim and us adios-ed each other and then he took off to go visit a few more friends, before returning home, to Terlingua.

Today has been great even though I overslept and missed Big G's phone call, to do his morning radio show.

Around 10:00, Kinky called me and invited us to come over for a visit, I went, but Tony didn't, because he wanted to go take some pictures.

My visit with Kinky was a lot of fun and it lasted for over an hour. And before we adios-ed each other, he and I made a pact aka New Year's resolutions: for the three of us to start drinking coffee together every morning and for him and me to take two, twenty-minute, daily hikes together. And lastly, for Tony and me to meet him for lunch today, at 2:00, at Buzzi's BBQ, because we both had errands to run, in Kerrville.

Lunch was delicious and a lot of fun and we got to visit with Buzzi. And before we adios-ed each other, in the parking lot, I showed Kinky my pink, leash that connects two leashes to it, so I can walk Little Debbie & Big Al(ice) and the reason that I showed it to him was, because earlier, during our morning visit, I had suggested that we try using it on Sophie & Mr. P when we start doing our daily hikes, because Sophie is blind and Mr. P is deaf.

After we adios-ed Kink, Tony and I went to Wild Birds Unlimited, so I could buy a gift and we could check out Kevin & Linda's on sale items. Unfortunately, Marguerite wasn't there, but we did have a fun visit with Linda and Tricia. And I did buy a gift, but I also bought one for myself, because I loved the gift that I was going to be giving. And the only clue I will give you is—mine is pink.

Around 4:45, I went over to the Lodge, so Kinky and I could hike with The Friedmans and I took my stopwatch and my pink leash, so we could try it on Sophie and Mr. P.

Before we took off to go hiking for our first, twenty minute hike, Kinky suggested that we extend the length of the two pink leashes and that was a big mistake, because I was getting tangled up with it, inside The Lodge and when he took over, outside—he got tangled up, too. And we both had a good laugh about it and tonight before I adios-ed Kink, we agreed that the next time we hike (tomorrow) we will not extend the length of the two leashes for our own safety.

And that's about it for tonight, because I am planning to watch the Kennedy Honors, in just a few minutes.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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