Tuesday, December 20, 2016

All You Need Is Ove! or Lost In Translation!

The past few days have been great and so has today. Thursday evening, I finished reading this great book A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman, that made me laugh a lot and cry at the ending, because it had such a perfect ending. My sweet sister Cindy had given it to me and she loved this book, too.

It takes place, in Sweden and the author of this fabulous novel, Fredrik Backman, lives in Stockholm. And there is a reason why I am telling you this information.

So Thursday evening I did something that I seldom do. I conferee that because I love Ove, I went on Amazon Prime and purchased the movie. Yes, I know it was instant gratification and it was worth it. 

I was so excited about getting to watch this movie immediately I made myself some Hippie popcorn and then I sat down and started the movie. I was picking up Little Debbie and Big Al(ice) to put in my lap when the movie started to play—we were all set for a great evening! 

Then it happened. None of the actors were speaking English, because everyone was talking Swedish. I was so disappointed I wanted to cry, but I didn't, because I asked Tony to help me find the English version. Bottom Line__Only English Subtitles.

And I must admit that the actors were fabulous and the movie was totally great, but a lot of it was lost in translation. So, I suggest that everyone read the book first, because then it will make a lot more sense when reading the subtitles.

This past Friday evening, I picked up the phone to return a phone call and it was dead and the message on Carlton was, "Line In Use" and the phone line was not in use.

Since we could not call out, I sent Kris & Jim an e-mail telling them about our phone problem and asking them to try calling me. A few minutes later, the phone rang once and that was it—it was dead again. And a few minutes later, they called me back and I was able to talk to them even though there was too much static on the line.

We could get one or two words in and then came the loud, noisy static. Anyway, I asked them to please call Kinky for me, to check if his phone was working and to also let him know that we were having phone trouble and not to worry about us.

Saturday morning, to my dismay, the phone was still not working and around 10:00, after I had checked my e-mail, our Wi-Fi went down, too. But I quickly cheered up when our dear friends Garnet & Sandy showed up around 10:30 to bring us a generous donation and a large sack of donated doggie blankets, chew toys, cutesweaters, pretty dog collars, stainless feeding bowls, doggie jackets, leashes, etc.

Then we drank some coffee and had a really fun visit, inside The Cabin, with our dear friends from Utopia.

Around noon, Tony took off to go to our nephew's 18th birthday party, in Medina, so I decided to put on my paint-clothes (Because they are covered in paint—mainly pink.) and work on the rugs.

Bottom Line__I had to totally repaint the big room rug and I finally finished them by 5:15, Saturday evening. And I had Henry Standing Bear and Roy pose with the finished painted rugs.

Sunday, because our phone and Internet were still down, I spent most of my day deep-cleaning our trailer aka The Cabin and it is really starting to look like we don't live here, because it is so clean.

Early Monday morning, a very nice man, from the phone company, showed up to fix our lines, because he said they were old and rusting, under our trailer. And 30 minutes later, we had our phone and Wi-Fi working.

Around 11:30, while I was cleaning out the refrigerator–Kinky called me and left a message, "Hey, you phone is working. Call me, Nance or Tony."

Ten minutes later, after I finished cleaning the freezer and refrigerator I returned Kinky's call. Later, around 2:15, Kinky, Tony and I were sitting together, at the Acapulco restaurant, giving Phyllis our orders. And yes, Tony and I ordered the exact same thing—two Acapulco Dinners and two teas and that made Kinky laugh and tease us.

While we were waiting on our orders and munching on the delicious chips & salsa, our great friend, Harley Belew and his son, Seth, walked up to our table to greet us. And we had a really fun conversation with them. And before they adios-ed us Harley invited all of us to come to his official swearing in, at the Courthouse, on January 1st, at 1:00. And we told him that we would certainly try to make it.

Today we had several visitors show up and we gladly gave them rescue ranch tours and I spent the rest of my day doing ranch paperwork and catching up with the phone calls and e-mails and more deep cleaning. And that is about it for tonight, except I want to show you Henry looking through the newly cleaned window, because by tomorrow afternoon I am sure that it will be clouded with our dog's nose art, again.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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