Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sticky Situation!

The last few days have been more than hectic for me, because we are now officially in "The Holiday Mode." I love these holidays, but things really rev up at the rescue ranch, around the week before Thanksgiving and they remain that way until about the middle of January, when everything finally returns to normal, if there is such a thing.

As for example, the past few days I've received over 200 e-mails each day and that can cause me more stress. Anyway, today when we were, in Kerrville, before we went to go pick up sweet Lori Darlin,' after getting her spayed, at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, Tony told me that he wanted to go to, Wild Birds Unlimited, to purchase more bird food. And on our way over there, I told Tony that I wanted him to drop me off, at Hometown Crafts, before going to Wild Birds Unlimited, because I wanted to shop for something to make that might help me de-stress, after today.

"Sure," Tony said. "But why don't you just make another pot holder? You've still got all of those loopers."

"Tone, trying to make that stupid, pink, pot holder only added more stress to my life. Good grief, I couldn't even figure out how to finish it. And I am so embarrassed that I had to ask sweet Jean to help me do that. And that's why I framed it, in that shadow box, because I'm pretty sure that I won't be making pot holders anytime soon, because if I have to pay Jean—there's no big profit left for me. Nope, I'm going to look around for something easier to make that won't cause me to stress out."

After I had purchased my "new, exciting and fun to make project" along with fifteen, small bottles of acrylic paints, so I can repaint the rugs, in the kitchen and the big room, I skipped down, the parking lot, to hook up with Tony, at Wild Birds Unlimited. And I am thankful that I didn't trip or fall down.

Marguerite greeted me when I walked into one of our most favorite stores, in Kerrville. Then she asked, "So what's your new project going to be, now?" I was still a bit winded, because I had skipped, so it took me a few seconds to catch my breath and give Marguerite my answer.

"I'm going to make me some cool, leather moccasins! So I can wear them outside and get back to doing more Earthing. They are leather and leather is a very good conductor to help keep me grounded. Hardly anybody makes leather soled shoes nowadays and...."

After we returned, to the rescue ranch, with sweet, Lori Darlin' I could not wait to get started making my very first pair of homemade moccasins, because then I can add Cobbler to my resume. And speaking of resumes, I just realized that I can also add Weaver, because of the pink pot holder, to my list of achievements and Actress, Singer and Screen Writer too, because of the Longmire—Texas Style video skit.

Sorry I got off-track there, anyway, before I opened the moccasin kit box I took these two pictures of the box, because it made me laugh out loud.

I laughed, because it had "WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD" and also stated "Not for children under 3 years." While I was still laughing, I anxiously opened the box and my laughter came to a complete halt, because the moccasin leather soles had on some kind of glued on padding cushion, for comfort, which most people would totally appreciate, but to me it meant that I cannot wear them when I'm Earthing outside. 

So I took a deep breath and slowly began removing the padding. And Tony ended up helping me scrape off the padding too, because he didn't like seeing the upside down smile that I was wearing on my face.

Anyway, after us spending nearly one hour working on my moccasins, I was pleased enough with the sticky situation and put everything back into the box, for the night. And that's when I realized that I can also reverse the soles and put the gluey side down which should eventually wear off, in no time at all, because since ten days ago, I am now walking 4 fast miles everyday with Leslie Sansone, again. 

And as I finish writing this tonight, right now to add more insult to injury—Little Debbie and Big Al(ice) got into a short-lived quarrel over something and when I broke up their tiny, little fight, I sadly discovered that they were fighting over a moccasin, leather strip that they had chewed up. And all I can figure is that it must have not made it back inside the moc-box-kit and fallen, on the floor

So now, I just have to laugh or else cry, but I'll laugh, because now I'm thinking that tomorrow when I conclude my short-lived career as a professional cobbler, I might ought to include my moccasins, in the box, with my pretty, pink potholder, for my time capsule. Which will be buried by Tony, at an undisclosed location, on the rescue ranch. And I'll write this note that says, "2016, Made by an Elderly Earthling for Earthing. Enjoy ET!" Life is good.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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