Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Dynamic Duo For The USA! or Oddinary Objects!

Today has been great and so was Sunday, when our dear friends Denise & Mark and Pamela, their super nice friend, drove all of the way from Austin, to come visit with us.

Their visit was a blast from the past and Tony and I had so much fun with them. When they first arrived here we went outside to greet them and after I had hugged Mark, we saw his T-shirt and all of us started chuckling. "Oh my goodness!" I said. "I've forgotten about that T-shirt. Kinky has got to see this. I am going to go call him right now, because I know he is planning to go to town pretty soon.

When I called Kinky, I told him that Mark & Denise and their friend Pamela had just arrived and then I asked if we could come over right quick, because I wanted him to see Mark's T-shirt. "That's fine, Nance, but I'm going to Kerrville and I need to leave pretty soon."

A few minutes later, we were over, at the Lodge and when Kinky came out to greet us, I said, "Kinky, take a look at Mark's T-shirt. It's a blast from the past." When Kinky saw the T-shirt that has a not very complimentary picture of Kinky and me on it, all of us burst out laughing. Then Mark slowly spun around, so we could read what it said on the back of his T-shirt.

"That's a great T-shirt," Kinky said. "I still have mine. I think. Where did you get that one?"

"Nancy gave it to me many years ago, when she and Tony and us spent the weekend with Rick, at the Lighthouse, in Port Aransas...."

We had a great visit with Kinky and we ended up staying over there for over thirty minutes, because all of us were having such a good time.

We spent the rest of our fun day, sitting outside, in my pink, writing cabin's front yard and if we weren't laughing we were talking non-stop. And before our great friends drove back to Austin, Mark took off his jacket and posed for me, so I could take a picture of the cute T-shirt, that a fan of Kinky and me had made for us and her to wear.

And Pamela, gave me one of her Oddinary Objects business cards, because Mark & Denise had raved to us about how cool and popular Pamela's shop is and how much fun they have shopping there.

After the handshakes and hugs we adios-ed our dear friends, even though we didn't want them to leave. And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

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