Saturday, March 5, 2016

Rick & Clara Jo—Alison & Blake—Steve!

Thursday and Friday were great and basically all we did was mow, mow, mow. And the rescue ranch looks beautiful, too. We decided to mow even though they've predicted that we will receive a lot of rain on Monday and Tuesday, because that way the grass and weeds won't be ten feet tall the next time we have to mow.

Late Friday afternoon Tony had to go to Medina and while he was in town, he ran into our good friends Rick & Clara Jo Anderson, the owners of Williams Creek Trading Company, that cook and sell the best tasting barbecue, in the Texas Hill Country.

Anyway, when Tony got back home, he returned with this super cool-looking cookbook Texas Back Road Restaurant Recipes by Anita Musgrove, that Rick & Jo had given to him as a present, because Rick and his sweet wife had asked Tony to take pictures of their adorable, log food/trailer and their food, because their delicious food was being featured in this great cookbook.

And on pages 140 and 141, is a terrific story about Williams Creek Trading Company, along with Rick's delicious Cider Slaw and Frijoles Tejanos recipes and Tony's pictures. And I can't wait to try to make the Cider Slaw recipe, because it is the best that we've ever tasted and we always order it.

In fact, today our dear old friends, Alison & Blake Waxler, came to visit us, because today is Alison's birthday. Blake told us, "When I asked Alison what she wanted for her birthday, she told me, "I want to go see Tony and Nancy for my birthday and I told her, "I can do that. That's easy enough..." 

Anyway, after a really fun visit with our friends, all of us went to Medina to eat lunch together, because Tony and I had been bragging about Rick's mouth-watering BBQ and delicious Cider Slaw. And our friends, like us, ordered the Cider Slaw and beans with brisket and they were extremely impressed with how good Rick's and Jo's food tasted. And because they come from Austin—that's saying a lot if you ask me.

And here's a heads up for y'all. Our dear friend and neighbor, Steve Pietzsch, the super talented artist, is being feature this weekend on Texas Country Reporter and the following week on RFD-TV! And you can click here to get the channels and times for Texas Country Reporter in your area.

So, as I finish writing this, I want to wish Alison the happiest birthday ever and thank her and Blake for coming to see us and I want to thank Clara Jo and Rick for the really great cookbook and for picking Medina, to be the home of the best BBQ, in the Texas Hill Country. And I want to thank Steve for being one of our favorite neighbors. And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!


Anonymous said...

Do you mean Steve Peach? That's what T C R in closed captions was saying this evening. Maybe it's pronounced "peach" --- just wondering.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Anon! All of Steve's friends call him Peech,but it is spelled Pietzsch. I guess TCR got it wrong.

Anonymous said...

Just caught the program.. Steve (Fuzz) was on first! Wow! What a guy! He's good... thank you for telling about this on your blog... I love TCR. I try to make it to the TCR in Waxahatchie each fall when possible. Such a blast... Thank you again! Have a great day...

cousin nancy said...

Hi Anonymous! I am so glad that you caught the program with Steve Pietzsch. He is a great guy and we love him. And I love TCR, too. Thank you for the comment.