Sunday, March 13, 2016

A World Of His Own! or Fuzz ! or A Three-Hundred Pound Angel!

Today has been a great day and it started this morning, when Tony and I watched our dear friend, Steve Pietzsch, be interviewed by Bob Phillips, on Texas Country Reporter. And I thought the title they chose to use, A World of His Own, was perfect for Steve.

Steve's interview was so much fun to watch. He and Bob talked about being old friends and them going to junior high and high school together, in East Dallas. They talked about their suburban garage band, that Steve played the drums in and Bob sang lead when they were aspiring to be rock stars. They also reminisced about all of their friends having nicknames, too. Steve's nickname was Fuzz and Bob's was Cutter.

Then Steve talked about spending two-thirds of his life living in the big cities of Dallas and Austin and that he always made a living doing art and never hating one job. And always having fun and zero stress.

Then they showed just a few of Steve's awesome art on magazine covers. And if you look closely at the cover, of the third Texas Monthly, on the bottom—that's Steve's artwork of Kinky smoking a cigar, that Kinky also used as the cover for his Why the Hell Not...: The Songs of Kinky Friedman CD.

Then he told Bob about a life changing event that happened to him many years ago, when a drunken motorcyclist ran over him while he was walking down, Congress Avenue, in Austin. That could have killed him.

After a full recovery, Steve soon found his spot on Earth, in Medina, and he moved out here for the solitude and doing what he loves.

When they went hiking Steve showed Bob his three-hundred pound angel, made of concrete, that marks the edge of his property. That was one of my favorite parts of the show, because I have hiked that trail with Steve and I have seen his beautiful angel.

I recorded Texas Country Reporter's segment of Steve this morning, so I can watch it again and if you missed it please click here for the time and channel it will be aired in your area, but please note that they have not posted the March 13th show yet. Or you can wait and watch this show next week on RFD-TV. 

As I finish writing this I want to congratulate Bob Phillips and the staff of Texas Country Reporter for doing such a superb piece on our friend Pietzsch, because we love Steve! And that's about it for today.

Y'all have a great Sunday!


Anonymous said...

YAY Steve!!!! It was AWESOME to say the least

cousin nancy said...

Hi Anonymous! It was totally awesome!

Mari of the NoMads said...

Darn it - I will have to wait for a repeat during the summer, because I won't be home Sunday morning to catch the RFD-TV showing of Steve.

After a late morning start, I made it to the tv to turn the show on to watch the SECOND half (which was about the man who recreates General George Patton and his resulting amazing effect on people), so I missed the part about Steve.

So thank you for your 'review' as it will have to 'do' for now. I will watch for an air date of the episode this summer and will hope I'm in reach of a television provider that has RFD-TV as one of its channels or maybe I can see it on a local channel.

I'm familiar with some of Steve's work - can't wait to learn more about the man himself.

Stay cool in this unseasonal warm air - cold weather is coming on the weekend!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! I am sorry that you missed Steve Pietzsch, but I bet TCR will post that episode on their website soon or you might try YouTube. Seriously, I loved the segment on Steve and I know that you will, too.