Tuesday, March 8, 2016

And It's A Big One, Too!

Last night, I had a big scare. While I was watching a rerun of Friends, I got up to go let our dogs go outside, when for some reason I looked up and saw something small and black, attached to the ceiling beam. "Tony! I need for you to come look at something!"

"What is it?" He half-hollered, from his office.

"I'm not sure. Either someone has planted a bug to spy on us or it's a Bat."

When Tony walked into the big room, I pointed upward, Tony looked up, and said, "It's a Bat. And it's a big one. too." Then Tony walked past me.

While Tony was getting the step stool, tucked in-between the dryer and the utility room wall, I was trying to decide if I should faint. "Be careful, Tony. Here's a dish towel for you to use." (Please note that I gave him an old towel and not my new dish towel that I had bought earlier, at Texas Bad Girlz.)

Then I grabbed my camera and took these two pictures:

Then I put my camera down and put my hands to my mouth, because the Bat took off and started flying all around the big room, with Roy, Belle and Beau jumping up into the air trying to catch it, as it nose dived past them and me.

As the Bat did numerous fly-bys, I grabbed my camera again and I tried to take several pictures of it, as Tony opened our front door, in hopes that it would leave. Then when the Bat and I nearly had a head-on collision—I skipped into the bathroom and called our dogs to come with me.

A few seconds later, Tony half-hollered, "You can come out, now. He's gone. He just flew out the  front door."

Hearing his good news, all of us immediately returned to the big room and the rest of our evening was uneventful, thank goodness. Anyway those pictures that I took of the bat flying around came out either fuzzy or out of focus. 

Today has been great and that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!


Susie Winter said...

Oh wow! Do you have any idea how it got into the house? I know they are important but still scary to see on the inside of the house. Glad you 2 are okay.

Fay said...

OMG! Poor Bat! that said, we had a bat in our house one time and the noise it was making was creepy! I realized the true meaning of "flying like a bat out of hell" at that moment. LOL Glad for alls ya'll the bat flew out!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Susie and Fay! We think the bat came inside, while one of us was holding the door open for our dogs. This is the second time for a bat to come inside our trailer. Thank goodness Tony was here, both times, to handle their deportations. "Flying like a bat out of hell" was exactly what happened here. Thank y'all for your comments.

Jacquelin Cangro said...

That was quite a close call! :) It sure looked like a BIG bat. Having it fly around the room would have sent me into a panic. Glad it got safely away.

Eileen said...

Nancy, that is a Mexican Free-Tailed bat! They are probably coming back from Mexico a bit early since it's been warm. They like to get in attics & crevices to roost. Thanks for letting him or her fly out the door!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Jacuelin and Eileen! It was a close call and we are so glad that it got out safely, because we would never intentionally hurt a bat. Thank you for letting me know that is a Mexican Free-Tailed bat, because all I knew was that it was a bat. We're pretty sure it flew in while one of us was holding the door opened for our dogs and I am sure that it was scared too, with me trying to film it with my flash going on and off and our dogs jumping up, trying to catch it in flight. The great thing is—it lives to scare some other old woman, like me.