Friday, March 18, 2016

Long Time Longmire! or TOYODA!

Yesterday, we mowed some more and now my back is aching, but that's okay, because I needed the exercise and the rescue ranch looks beautiful, with the exception of a few pens that still need mowing.

Right now it is 9:30 in the morning and a couple of our great volunteers, Kay and Jim, are already out there walking our dogs for us.

Before writing this I checked my e-mail. My dear friend Mari sent me an incredibly great video to watch about a beautiful, nine-year-old girl's performance on Hollands Got Talent and she was so talented it made me tear up, because you could feel the love. So if you would like to have a feel-good moment you can check it out by clicking here.

I have some exciting news to tell you about our upcoming Longmire—Texas Style video spoof. Finally, the stars have lined up for us: the date and time, the actor's and crew's availability to be at, a secret location, the first week of April, to get our dear friend and videographer, Gerry Olert, to shoot the last two scenes.

If you recall, we are making this spoof, in hopes that the real Longmire cast and crew will invite us to come to one of their sets, in Northern New Mexico, to watch them shoot a scene.

 After we have our wrap party, and Gerry goes and does his editing magic and we get to post it on YouTube, we are asking everyone that we know, including y'all that read my blog, to please help us make it go viral by cross-posting it to all of your friends.

And as a teaser (in hopes that y'all will help us, get it out there) here are a few pictures of our Vic, played by lovely Lisa and our Ruby, played by too-sweet Eileen and Little Debbie and me.

After our friends/volunteers walked our dogs we went to eat lunch, at the famous Apple Store, in Medina. Tony and I were the last to arrive, because he had to lock our gate and we also had to stop at two temporary signal lights on 16, because of road construction.

We parked Trigger, across the street from the Apple Store, next to June's car and before we went inside to eat, I took this picture of this cute bumper sticker, that is on June's Toyota's back window. 

Our lunch was delicious and fun, of course, because we did a lot of laughing. And when we got back home, I went Online to Amazon and immediately purchased two of the TOYODA bumper stickers, one for Chet to put on his Toyota and one for me to put on one of my guitar cases.

Late this afternoon I went over to Kinky's Lodge and I had a fun visit with him. We sat outside, on his porch, with The Friedmans while watching a few Hummingbirds test-the-water, in five of his five feeders.

Before I came back home, Kinky asked me to listen to his latest song that he has written, because Kent and Ruthie had loved it. So we went back into his office and sat down. When Kinky started to play his guitar and sing his song, Sophie, who was sitting under his desk, started rapidly scratching at the rug and Kinky, paused and asked her to please stop doing that. And she immediately stopped.

His beloved overweight Sophie, who definitely needs to exercise more or go to, a fat camp for dogs, started rapidly scratching the rug again. And Kink paused again and she immediately quit scratching the rug.

Well, throughout the singing of his beautiful song, Sophie continued to scratch the rug every time that he started singing. When the song ended I told Kinky that I loved the song, too and then I said, "Kinky, Sophie was scratching the rug, only because she wanted to play percussions with you." And that made Kinky laugh.

Well, it is now 4:30 and I must finish writing this, because it is beginning to thunder outside and that means that I need to go unplug everything now.

Y'all have a great evening!  


Fay said...

I'm not gonna lie: this made me bust out laughing. Too bad I was on the train to work with lots of other people who gave me funny looks :/ LOLOLOL!! Can't wait to see this video! How fun :)

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! I am glad that you enjoyed my post and it made you laugh out loud, while riding on a train. Just wait until we finish shooting the final scenes, because it has a surprise ending!