Monday, March 7, 2016

Give The Dog A Bone!

Today has been great. After Tony and I ate lunch we grabbed Henry Standing Bear and took off for Kerrville to run a few errands.

Our first stop was at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, where we dropped off Henry to get his stitches removed and his nails clipped, while we ran a few more errands.

Our next stop was at Wild Birds Unlimited, so Tony could buy more birdseed, suet, etc. Marguerite and Tricia greeted us when we walked inside one of our favorite stores, in Kerrville. While Tony started shopping, Marguerite and I started talking about Scout and Henry and that's when I thanked her for buying Henry a blue, chew bone, Online, given to him from his pal Scout.

"We're going to Wolfmueller's Books next, so we can pick up Henry's bone," I said. "That you dropped off last week. Henry is going to love it..." Marguerite told us about Scout's latest adventures and then the four of us started talking about Bees, because I had asked about this really cool-looking  house made for Bees.

While we were talking about all kinds of bees and scorpions Tony and Marguerite started talking about these giant "Assasin Bees" that go around killing innocent Tarantulas. And these mean-spirited, assassins then drag their dead Tarantula trophies, back into their Bee-domed nest, so they can lay their eggs on top of the Tarantula carcass, so when their baby sniper-bees hatch, they will get to eat the poor, dead tarantulas. Until they are old enough and ready to go out and start hunting for innocent Tarantulas to kill.

Then Tony changed the subject and started telling them about five, sneaky raccoons that have been raiding his bird feeders. "The other day I set up my game-camera and it took over a 1,000 photographs, one night, between two and four o'clock, in the morning, of five raccoons taking turns climbing up the pole and scratching out the birdseed for the others to eat down below. It was pretty funny, too, because each coon took his turn climbing up the pole..."

After we adios-ed our friends and Marguerite had helped Tony load up the heavy sack of choice birdseed, we took off for Wolfmueller's Books.

After we had a fun visit with Sandy & Jon, Sandy and I adios-ed Tony and Jon and then went next door, to shop, at Bad Girlz of Texas, because I wanted to buy one of their funny birthday cards for The Mineral Man's upcoming birthday party, that we and the volunteers are celebrating this coming Friday.

Unfortunately, Andie wasn't there, but Sadie was, so she helped Sandy and me shop. Sandy and Sadie helped me pick out some of the cutest costume jewelry. At only $2.00 per item, which included the $2.00 bracelets, $2.00 rings and $2.00 a piece, themed tops, that you snap into the rings and bracelets to go with your outfit or theme of the day. And I had a total blast picking out the. tops for my rings and bracelets. And I also found the perfect birthday card for us to give to Jim.

When Tony came in to tell me that we needed to go pick up Henry and get back to the ranch, he found the funniest dish towel and started laughing as he held it up for me to look at. "Nance, this has your name written all over it. You've got to buy this." So I did. And this is what I purchased not counting the adorable silver paw print ring that I am wearing right now.

When we got back home, we immediately gave Henry his present from Scout and he totally loves it and the only bad thing is Henry won't share it with Roy. But luckily for Henry Standing Bear, Roy is so old and so sweet, and so laid back he just looks at Henry and wags his tail and walks away laughing. Because everyone know when dogs wag their tails they are laughing.

Y'all have a great evening!

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