Sunday, March 6, 2016


Today has been great. This morning after Tony did the chores outside we we jumped into Trigger and took off for the big H-E-B, in Kerrville.

As we were leaving the ranch Kinky drove up in Mr. Green Jeans, and he invited us to join him, Dylan and Max, for a delicious lunch, at the Thai O'Cha restaurant. It was tempting, but we declined his invite, because we wanted to get back to the ranch, as soon as possible, so I could cook us lunch. And before we adios-ed each other, we talked about which cowboy hat Kinky should wear on his upcoming tour, in Europe. Then we took off and followed Kink all of the way to Water Street, where he turned left.

When we got back from our shopping spree at the big H-E-B, I cooked us lunch, which Tony thought was delicious.

After I cleaned up the kitchen, I grabbed my camera to document me making my first loaf of "Sam's Original Homemade Bread," that I found on page 201, in the new cookbook Texas Back Road Restaurant Recipes that Rick & Clara Jo gave to Tony.

Here are just some of the ingredients:

While my Cousin Nancy's Semi-Original Homemade Bread was rising, I lined up the four boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, that we had purchased as we walked outside the H-E-B grocery store.

When I was putting the cookies into the freezer, Tony walked inside carrying our new Bamboo pillows, that were on sale, for half price, at H-E-B. "You're not going to believe how heavy these pillows are," Tony said, as he put them on top of the kitchen table. And when I tried lifting the the two pillows, tightly packed inside the plastic bag, my jaw dropped, because Tony was right about me not believing how heavy they were. 

When I took our new pillows out of the packaging, I saw this label and it perturbed me somewhat, because we sleep on regular sized pillows and we don't own any Queen-sized pillowcases, so our dogs can chew the ends off of them, like they've done to all of ours.

Because I don't like to sweat the little things in life I took our pillows to the bedroom. Then I removed our regular-sized pillowcases from our old pillows and slipped our new, two for $69.99 bargain, into the pillowcases. They fit fine, but this is what they look like.

Then I took a short, fun break and went outside to play with Henry Standing Bear, while I was waiting to knead the bread again and then place it into a greased bread pan, for it to rise again for another hour, before baking it.

As I finish writing this, Cousin Nancy's first loaf of Semi-Original Homemade Bread is just a few minutes away, from coming out of the oven. And it really smells great. So, I am going to pass this time to once more tell you that our great friend, Steve Pietzsch, will be featured next weekend, on Texas Country Reporter and a week later on RFD-TV. And this morning, as we watched the end of Texas Country Reported—they showed a clip of Steve and mentioned that he will be on next week's show.

And here is a picture of the delicious, homemade bread that I made today using this great, new cookbook Texas Back Road Restaurant Recipes. And I am so proud of it, I just might call Sam's Original Restaurant, in Fairfield, Texas or go there to thank them for sharing Sam's Original Homemade Bread recipe. Yeah! I finally, for the very first time, actually baked a delicious, homemade loaf of bread and Tony and I love it. So as you can guess—it is almost half gone.

Y'all have a great evening!

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