Monday, July 1, 2013

Once A Month Lunch Club!

Today has been great. Early this afternoon Tony and I went to Kerrville. Our first stop was at the big  H-E-B to buy more swimming pools for our dogs. We purchased all ten of their blue and yellow, small plastic pools and we hope to come back tomorrow to buy more.

Our next stop was at Wolfmueller's Books, so we could visit with Sandy & Jon, because we haven't seen them since Sandy's surprise non-birthday party, at El Sol de Mexico. We had a fun visit with our dear friends and before leaving their popular bookstore, Tony purchased a really cool photography book from them.

At 12:33, we arrived three minutes late, at Valentino's Italian restaurant, to meet our "Once A Month Lunch Club" friends. Les & Denise and Jim & Kris were already seated at a table when we walked inside the restaurant and unfortunately Deb & Craig could not make it.

While we ate our delicious meals, Denise announced that this Thursday, July 4th, at 10:00, she is going to be a guest and talk about the United States Constitution, on KOOK 1230, because she teaches classes about it. We were all thrilled for Denise and suggested that she do a regular talk radio show about the U. S. Constitution. Then Kris and I teased her about us all calling in to the show to ask her questions. "Hello, this is Kris, from Kerrville. Hello, this is Nancy, from Medina, etc." Denise thought it was funny, but she asked us not to.

Then it was my turn to make my big announcement, "I have some exciting news to share. I am going to push the button tomorrow morning, and get my second novella published. I worked all day Sunday tweaking it and it is finally ready to be published. I should have my books for sale next week and I can't wait."

"Nancy, I am going to buy ten of them," Jim said. "To give to our friends and family. When will it be available on Amazon?"

"Next week, as a book and an e-book and you can also buy them from me and Wolfmueller's Books." Then we talked about all kinds of subjects and we laughed a lot, so all in all Tony and I had a wonderful time eating lunch with our friends.

After lunch we came back home. Around 4:30, Kinky called and invited me to come over for a visit and as I was driving out, in Trigger, the sweet, Medina Children's Home girls were helping Tony fill up our dog's new swimming pools.

After a fun visit with Kinky, I came back home and saw that Brandon was here. I have been anxious all day long about Brandon taking his driving test and passing it to get his Texas driver's license. So, I parked Trigger and climbed out of the truck. "Brandon, did you pass your test?"

"No ma'am," Brandon said, looking sad.

"I'm sorry, but don't you worry about it," I said, feeling sorry for Brandon. "Don't forget that I flunked my driving test three times before I finally got my driving license." Then the girls, Karon, Brandon and Tony started laughing.

"He passed it," Tony said.

"I did the exact same thing to Karon when she asked me if I passed it," Brandon said. "I drove over here, too. Let me show you my license and picture." And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

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