Wednesday, July 3, 2013

She's An Elephant!

Yesterday was great. In the morning while Tony and Brandon were outside doing chores I was inside and pushed the button to get my new novella printed. I was so thrilled about it, I went outside to tell Tony and Brandon my exciting news and they were happy for me. "I think we should celebrate Brandon getting his drivers license and me publishing my book, so Brandon, Tony and I want to treat you to lunch, so we can celebrate our accomplishments. How does that sound?"

"Sounds good to me," Brandon said.

When we arrived at a certain restaurant, in Kerrville, weird things started happening. When the three of sat down at our table, Brandon put his arm on the end of the table, then he reached back to get his cell phone and the weight from his arm nearly caused our table to flip over.

We laughed about it as Tony and I rested our arms on the table to counter balanced Brandon's weight. When the waitress sat our hot plates down on the table, mine sort of spun, which made us laugh some more. "There must be something between the table and your plate," Tony said. So, I lifted it up and we found nothing on the table or on the plate, so I sat it down, in front of me and it spun a half-cirle. Which made Brandon nearly choke, because he was laughing so hard.

Throughout our lunch, every time that my knife and fork touched my plate it would move either clockwise or counter clockwise. So, our lunch was one big laugh. When the waitress removed our plates, I was sort of sad to see the plate go. "Okay, our next stop is at the pound," I said.

As we drove to the pound, we told Brandon about the pound and then we talked about how many  dogs that we planned to get on this trip.

After picking four dogs, we decided it would take us two round trips to get them to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic which is about two miles away. When it was time to load a beautiful, male yellow shepherd mix and a black, medium-sized female into the crates, in the back of Buttermilk, Brandon held the adorable, fat, three-four month-old puppy, as Tony and one of the employees put the dogs into their crates. Then we took off.

As Brandon held the chubby puppy in his arms, I turned around to the back seat and said, "Brandon, since this is your first time to the pound and Hoegemeyers, I want you to name the four dogs."

By the time we parked at Hoegemeyers, Brandon had named them. "Brandon, let me hold the pup, so you can help Tony unload the dogs." Then Brandon handed her off to me and I could not believe how heavy she was. "She's so heavy. I hope that I can make it to the lobby," I joked. Then I took off.

When I walked inside carrying the gigantic puppy, Kathy and Susan laughed when they saw me. "Is that a puppy or a dog?" Susan joked, from behind the counter.

"She's an elephant," I said. "She weighs a ton." Then they came into the lobby with a leash, so I could rest my arms. "We have four dogs total that we rescued from the pound. This one is Reba McIntyre, the yellow one is Wish Bone and that black one is Gretchen Wilson..."

The next time we arrived at Hoegemeyer's we delivered a beautiful, young, black Lab mix, named Willie Nelson. Then we came back home, so we could bath some dogs and we didn't finish until 7:00 and I was too tired to write.

Today we had two adoptions, thanks to Kathy and Dr. Craig Janssen's help, at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic. They told this really nice couple about us last week, because they were wanting to adopt one or two older dogs. This couple came out to look at our dogs, this past Friday and the wife really liked one certain dog and they told us that they would come back.

Anyway, when Kathy's husband, Craig, saw Wish Bone, he asked Kathy to call this couple, because he thought Wish Bone would be perfect for them. So the couple went to look at Wish Bone this morning and told Kathy they wanted him and then the wheels were set in motion. Kathy called me, then the man called me and at 3:30 this afternoon, Chad Stuart was officially adopted.

After thanking the nice man for adopting Chad, he took off with Chad, in a crate and was headed to Hoegemeyer's to pick up Wish Bone, so he could take them to their new home, in Kerrville. To say the least, "Brandon, Tony and I were thrilled about two of our dogs finding a fabulous forever home. We were all on Cloud Nine about it."

Late this afternoon, when I returned from Medina, to mail some letters, I stopped and parked Trigger by Chuck's pen, so I could say, "Hi," to Karon and Sophia, from the children's home. Everyone looked sad. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"Martha Stewart has just died," Tony said.


"When Brandon and I started to shampoo Chuck, (Who is in the pen next to hers.) she was running, jumping and barking in her pen and acting totally normal. Ten minutes later, when we went to shampoo her, for fleas and ticks, she was curled up and dead."

"She must have had a heart attack," I said. I was sick about Martha and so was everyone else, because she was a really great dog. We rescued Martha Stewart in 2011 and she came with two pups, Candace Bergen and George Clooney, both got adopted.

All of us watched as Brandon dug her a grave and then we buried her. We are pretty depressed tonight about losing Martha and all that I can say is, "Rest In Peace, Martha. You were a really great dog. You will be missed and we loved you."


Anonymous said...

thank you all for being tender dog heros.

Mari of the NoMads said...

We are always very sorry to hear about the loss of one of your dogs, but we have to be glad for the last 2 years of Martha's life, since she got to spend it in truly the most 'utopian' rescue place EVER, thanks to you, Tony, Kinky and all your loyal friends, supporters and volunteers!

The Australian Cattle Dog members of our Pack and I mourn Martha with you, especially since she seemed to possibly be a heeler mix and you know our 'hearts' are with this breed in particular, but we know she is going to be happy in her new place, too, as she waits at the Bridge to see all of you again.

cousin nancy said...

Thank y'all.

Unknown said...

So very sorry... these animals become part of our everyday life much of the time, when they pass its like a part of u go as well. Family....

cousin nancy said...

Hi Lynn! Thank you for your kind words and I agree with you. All of us are missing Martha Stewart and I know that it will take a while for us to adjust being without her. Hugs to you and your family.