Sunday, March 25, 2012

Page 42!

Today has been a great day. Early this morning, while I sipped some Kona coffee, I checked out our new Texas Monthly, April edition and I nearly fell out of my chair when I turned to page 42 and saw our dear friend, Rick Reichenback, "The Friendly Lighthouse Keeper," picture—sitting on his front porch, on the private island that he lives on, near Port Aransas.

As soon as I read the great two page article written about Rick and his super-cool job, which Texas Monthly normally uses only one page for that column, I called him to congratulate him, then I called Sandy & Jon, Cindy & Ray, Kinky and then Ronnie, of course, to tell them about Rick being in Texas Monthly. "And he is also in there twice. He is in the Texanist column, on the back page." And when T. got back from the Old Timer, he sat down, at the kitchen table and read the cool column and The Texanist column, before eating his breakfast.

This morning, while Tony did his and my chores outside, I spent most of my morning doing paperwork and I am now temporarily caught up with it all—thank goodness. And then we took the rest of the day off—relaxing. I hope that y'all will check out the story on our dear friend Rick. And that is about it for tonight. Except Tony just told me that he is thinking about buying a mule, so he can go riding with Maya and me!

Y'all have a great evening!


Mari of the NoMads said...

Here's the article online - gotta register but it's free.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari. Thank you!