Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In Hot Water! or Buddy Holly Was Here!

Today has been a great day, but I am a little tired tonight, because my day ended at 7:00 tonight.

This morning I had Tony wake me up real early, so I could drink some coffee and wake up before doing my Utopia segment, about our rescue ranch, on Big G's popular, morning radio show.

As I poured my first cup of coffee, Tone walked into the big room and declared, "We have no hot water."

"Do we need to replace the hot water heater?" T. started chuckling.

"Nance, they're called water heaters—not hot water heaters. And yes, we need to get a new one this morning after we do The Breakfast Club with your friends. I'm going to call Aaron right now, to see if he can come out later this afternoon to help me install the new one. " Then he called Aaron at 6:35 and then Tony adios-ed me and took off for the Old Timer with Trigger.

After I did a fun Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch segment with Big G., I called Kinky to make sure he was up, because he was going to our Breakfast Club, in Kerrville, too. He answered on the first ring, "Thanks for calling, Nance. I'm up..." Then I heated up some water on the stovetop and took a sponge bath, because we had no hot water.

Breakfast with our friends Beth and her father was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it and when it ended we went to the Post Office, so I could mail out a package, before we went to Home Depot.

"Welcome to Home Depot," a friendly woman said to us. "Can I help you find something?"

"Yes. We need a new hot water heater," I said. She smiled and Tony winked at me and then he started laughing.

"She's from Ft. Worth and they call them hot water heaters up there," he explained to the helpful Hill Country woman, as we followed her back to the hot water heater section. We ended up buying a 40 gallon electric one, then we came home and did our chores outside, even though we were running thirty minutes late doing them.

When we were done working outside, Tony took off in Trigger to go make a bank deposit for me, in Bandera, while I returned several phone calls before Hazel and I quickly cleaned up the trailer, because we were scheduled to do a camera shoot at 2:30, with our new friends from the Cailloux Foundation, because they had recently awarded us with a substantial grant.

The camera shoot was a lot of fun. We did it outside of the rescue ranch, next to our sign, on the white boarded fence and my Roy Rogers was in it too! Mark, Betty, Kinky and I smiled and laughed as Chris, from the foundation and Tony shot us, because we kept trying to get Roy to pose and look at their cameras as we held their check. Here is one of Tony's pictures.

When Tony jumped into Kermit with Roy sitting beside him, so he could return Roy back to our front yard, Betty, Chris, Mark and I strolled back to the The Cabin and that's when I found out that Chris played guitar and that he was the actor who portrayed Buddy Holly, in the local production of “Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story,” at The Point, in Hunt and at the Cailloux Theatre, in Kerrville, which has been rocking the Texas Hill Country ever since, that everyone has been raving about, and he is in The New Buddy Holly Band, while Betty walked behind us so she could stop and pet and visit with all of our dogs along the way.

So, I invited them to come inside The Cabin, so I could show Chris my guitar, that I am so proud of, that Ronnie custom made for me. And little did I know, that Chris would actually pick up my guitar and do some Buddy Holly for us. It was fabulous and he was so good I got goose bumps. Here's a picture of Chris Huber that I took, right before he gave me those goose bumps. It was like Buddy Holly was here, in our big room.

Early this evening Aaron came out to rescue us and by 7:00 we were in hot water, once again. Thank you so much, Aaron. And that is about it for tonight and by the way—Chris loved playing my guitar and he could not believe that Ronnie made it for me. Talk about making my day!

Y'all have a great evening!


Mari of the NoMads said...

I could not be happier for you than to know that you got your own private Buddy Holly concert from Chris, the amazing singer and guitar man! What fun it had to have been!

You already know that I was one of the many (including a lot of the NoMads) who saw the Buddy Holly play at the Point Theatre more than once last summer and then attended the concert of the New Buddy Holly Band at the Cailloux Theatre! You just might say that I'm a FAN!

So I know you were in the presence of GREATNESS. But then so was Chris, right?

cousin nancy said...

Y'all just made my day great. Thank you, so much for adopting that sweet dog. The next time that you hug her please tell her it is from me.

Mari of the NoMads said...

Did I miss something? Which sweet dog? We do have 3 'adoptees' among our dogs, but I'm still confused. Maybe you meant to post the comment to someone else?

But anyway I did want to add a P.S. to my earlier comment. You tell Tony that we call 'em 'hot water heaters' where I come from, too! LOL

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! You didn't miss something, I missed something. I had a nice comment from the people who recently adopted Dale Evans and I guess it got deleted instead of posted.

I will tell Tony that y'all call 'em hot water heaters too. I love our new one.

Dwane Zelinsky said...

Taking a bath becomes a challenge if there's no water heater, lol. Good thing you had it fix ASAP. Hmm, Chris's does like Buddy Hollya lot. Just let him grow his hair a little more, and he can pass as an impersonator of Buddy, lol. Well, continue on helping animals and more power to your Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch.

Carmella Vancil said...

Yikes! I’ve also experienced something like that just months ago. I was really late for work so I just went and went with the cold water. Before I went to bed that day, I made sure that it’s fixed so that I won’t experience that kind of inconvenience ever again. I’m glad you did the same thing and you fixed it right away.