Monday, August 23, 2010

Nellybelle & Me!

I have named my new bicycle Nelllybelle since I received a comment from my good friend, Eileen. It is a perfect name for her and I love her.

Last night it was too hot and Tony and I were too tired to test drive our new two-wheelers, so early this morning after breakfast, before I walked with Leslie Sansone and T. did his chores, we went for a ride.

Tone and I were thrilled that I didn't have a wreck and fall of Nelly and this afternoon I plan to program the digital speedometer / odometer, so I can rack up the miles on her. Here is a short, 25 second video that Tony took of me pedal-pushing her down our country road. I can't wait to introduce Nellybelle to Kinky!

Y'all have a great day! I will write more tonight.

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