Thursday, November 28, 2019

Something In The Way!

First off—Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of y'all. 

We've had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day so far, but it is early.

Tony and I worked a few hours this morning and in a few hours we are going back over to Escondida Resort to be treated to a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner with our friends. And we know the food will be absolutely delicious, because Darlene and her sweet son Todd are cooking the festive feast.

Earlier this morning, after working next door, I was home washing some dishes and when I looked out the kitchen window—Henry Standing Bear was outside watching me. And once again he wasn't standing on the ground and it made me laugh, so I took this picture of him.

After drying the dishes and putting them away I was in the big room and glanced outside the window above the couch—Henry was doing it again, so I took these pictures of him, because there is something in the way he stands that moves me to laugh out loud."

Then I brought Henry inside, so I could enjoy a short nap with all of our four-leggers.

After my sleepless, but restful nap with my furry friends Tony and I went outside to The Last Resort so he could help me hang up my latest sign that I got made—DILLIGAF, above the door.
And when we went inside The Last Resort I laughed when I read what Chet O'Keefe had written on the door and what Ellie & Drew had written. And I don't know what Akron3 is about.

After Tony had hung my DILLIGAF  sign above the door I stood back and took this picture. And that was before I turned on the lamp.

Then I turned around, turned on the lamp and snapped this picture, because I am so in love with how my tiny, cozy, writing cabin has turned out. (FYI: I still need to hang up some more pictures. Then it will be completely finished.)

Y'all have a great Thanksgiving and keep on laughing!

P.S. I am wearing my new pair of 501 Levis today. So this Thanksgiving Day I am especially thankful that the little shoplifting alarm is dead and gone. Rest In Peace Beep-Beep!

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