Saturday, November 16, 2019

Birds of a Feather! or A Texas Thing!

The other day I posted about Henry Standing (on the table top) Bear with pictures.

So our dear friend Fay, in Toronto, sent me a couple of pictures of Blake Shelton aka Ranger and Henry's twin sister, Miss Moneypenny, making use of table tops, too. She wrote that it must be a Texas thing.

(FYI: Fay & Ian adopted Blake and Miss Moneypenny from our rescue ranch.) Ranger is the giant black dog and Miss Moneypenny looks exactly like Hen.

Y'all have a great day & evening and keep on laughing!


karlee3 said...

Awwwww... so cute

cousin nancy said...

Hi Karlee3! Thank you for commenting.

karlee3 said...

Hope you and your Tony are holding up ok with all the long hours this last week and this weekend. I hear it has been very tiring and hard many people at the Spa. Sending you stamina and wellness vibes as y'all both work through the holidays. I am very sad you will be working on Thanksgiving this year. Maybe you and Tony will do a re do together.
Prayers for Tonys brothers foot surgery Monday. I went through with this same thing with my dear Uncle. He had to have a foot amputated from diabetes. A very hard time. Prayers and good thoughts and vibes for you both. Happy early Thanksgiving Cousin Nancy. And always my best to you . Peace and Love