Sunday, November 24, 2019

I Am Still Alive!

I am fixin' to go back to work tonight and I know that I have not been blogging much. And the reason is the awesome Escondida Resort has been booked solid for the past week and next week and Tony and I have been working a lot more hours.

This past week I've been working split shifts, so I can help sweet Darlene in the kitchen, because we've been preparing and serving breakfast, lunch and dinners. In other words I've go in to work real early and work 2-4 hours, then back again for lunch (2 hrs.) and then back again for dinner  which usually is is about 2-3 more hours.

Tony has been working his normal everyday schedule and then working a few split shifts when needed. And I am not complaining and welcome the extra hours, even though my feet are complaining, because I am standing non-stop. If you doubt my words that I've been walking, standing, etc. my pedometer has been averaging 22,000 steps per day. So all is good.

This past Wednesday our dear friend Chet O'Keefe and Willie, his faithful canine companion,  came to visit and stay with us,  because he had a gig to play with Stephen K. Morris, last Wednesday, at the Western Edge Cellars, in Fred-town.

And tonight, during and after dinner Chet will be playing his awesome music at the Escondida Resort. Tony and I are really looking forward to it, as are the guests staying at Escondida.

Anyway, Chet and Willie have been staying in my little writing cabin The LAST RESORT and he has promised me that he will sign the door, before heading back home to Terlingua.

And that is about it for tonight, because I am fixin' to go back to work. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I am still alive and ask you to please not give up on me—I'm just working a lot

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!.


Fay said...

How fun! You are a hard worker, Nancy!!

mary Sanders said...

Have a great Thanksgiving. This year instead of preparing a doggie version of dinner, sounds like you will be doing human food! One day I will be able to travel out to hear Chet in person! Take good care of your feet! You are logging a lot of miles!