Wednesday, March 27, 2019

I Love MEIN LEBEN, Too! or A Standing Ovation!

Today has been great and it started early this morning when I received this sweet note from our dear friend Gaby. Gaby lives in Germany and Tony and I love her and her lovely daughter Xenia.

Anyway, Gaby's e-mail made me smile and laugh out loud when I read her kind note, because like me she also loved reading my newest, most favorite book It's A Long Story: My Life written by Willie Nelson and David Ritz. Gaby wrote:

"Dear Nancy , 
How much I love reading your blog, I needn't tell you- you know already. 

The other day I had to chuckle, you wrote about reading the great book 
from Willie Nelson. Well - I just finished reading mine about 2 weeks ago. 
It's a really great, interesting book. I loved it.

For a short second I thought about sending it to you, when finished. Thinking you might love it to , but then right away I realised, this is NOT going to work - the book I have is in German......" 


I've spent most of my morning tying up some loose ends, because last night I made a To Do (Must Do) list of things I've been putting off, because I've been too tired or working, etc. And I am proud to announce that I am finally caught up with everything for now and it feels good.

Early this afternoon Tony and I went to Kerrville, so we could wash a load of laundry. And when we got back home I dried them on my newly improved, metal-wire, solar-dryer, that Tony recently made for me.

I don't know why I love hanging out clothes to dry and washing dishes so much. Maybe it is because it relaxes me. Or maybe because, I don't like to see dirty dishes in the sink and I love the way line-dried clothes smell and feel.

I have an update on the legs-mannequin, that we dropped off, at Wolfmueller's Books last week, so Liz & Jim could pick it up there. Actually, I should say the legs-mannequin that Tony dropped off, at Sandy & Jon's famous bookstore. Because I just went along for the ride so I could take pictures of Tony lugging it around, and so I could also have a fun visit with Jon & Sandy.

This afternoon, when I checked my e-mail, sweet Liz had sent me a note telling me that she agreed with me about last night's post and that she thinks those two, little Cracker Barrel maple syrup bottles, that I had slipped into the Levi's' front pockets are cute, too. 

In fact, a few minutes later Liz sent me another note:

"Apparently you are not the only one to stash a few of these bottles in your purse."

And Liz also included a Pinterest link  to Cracker Barrel bottles to show me just how popular these cute, little bottles are with crafters. So I guess I am not crazy after all, but then again—maybe Liz and I are both crazy.  : )

Then I looked at her picture of Jim posing with the "traveling legs "mannequin and I burst out laughing. And when I showed it to Tony he thought it was hilarious, too. 

So here's the famous Jim Cravotta holding the tiny bottles while he's getting a standing ovation, at Wolfmueller's Books. And I am sure the customers there thought it was hilarious, too.

Well that is about it for tonight, but before I finish writing this, I do want to thank Gaby for thinking of sending me her Willie book. "We love you Gaby and Xenia! And of course, we all LOVE Willie Nelson! And the next time that you come over, from Germany, for a visit—we'll make sure to take y'all to the East End Market—Booth #42, so you can meet Liz & Jim!"

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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