Saturday, May 19, 2018

Rick's Gone Again! or Island Moon!

Yesterday Rick and his good friend Ronnie Narmour arrived, right after Hazel went back, into the closet, to rest.

Tony and I already knew Ronnie, but not very well. Because Rick and Ronnie came out to the rescue ranch, several years ago, for a short visit, before taking off for Leakey, to spend the weekend with friends.

By the way, if you're not from Texas, for some reason the small, beautiful, Hill Country town of Leakey is pronounced—Lake-y. Not leaky like in a leaking faucet.

And yes, I agree it is a little weird, but that's how we say things in Texas. In fact, I could write an entire post about how we Texans talk. But not tonight.

Anyway, we also met Ronnie a few times when we went, to Port Aransas, to visit Rick aka "The Friendly Lighthouse Keeper." We liked Ronnie, but basically all we knew about him was he wrote a weekly column, about the music scene, for the local Island Moon newspaper. And here is a copy of Ronnie's article that he wrote in last week's Island Moon.

After Rick and Ronnie unloaded their stuff, in the Airstream, we got to visiting, on the front porch. And in no time flat, we discovered that music was our common thread amongst us and that we knew many of the same musician friends.

So last night, when my entertaining skills were dipping, I told them about Mike Judge Presents Tales From the Tour Bus. "It is this super cool, music series where famous musicians and their friends are interviewed and it is animated....I love it and have never seen anything like it."

"My dear friend Carol told me about it several weeks ago and she had strongly suggested that we watch it. So last week, I finally watched the thirty-minute, Billy Joe Shaver episode. And it blew me out of the saddle. In fact, I asked Tony to watch just a few minutes of it and he ended up watching the entire episode, too."

"In the Billy Joe Shaver episode which is totally awesome, Kinky, Bobby Bare, Connie Nelson, Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), to name just a few of the famous people interviewed. And that famous lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, is in it too. Where he talks about Billy's famous trial, in Waco...."

"Kinky is great in it, too. He did his interview, in his office, and talks about Billy Joe adopting Mama from us and Billy's trial...."

Well I had said enough to peak their interest, so we sat down and watched the entire Billy Joe Shaver episode. And Rick and Ronnie totally loved it like I knew they would.

My entertaining skills were now on a roll, so to speak, because they were hooked. So we then watched the two episodes about Waylon Jennings and then the two episodes about Tammy Wynette and George Jones.

By now all of us were speechless after watching these episodes. So it was a good time for me to say, "Good night, y'all. See you in the morning."

After Ronnie and Rick marched off to the Airstream, Tony went to bed and I stayed up and watched a couple of episodes of Heartland, on Netflix.

This morning I cooked Blueberry Belgian Waffles for everyone and Rick ate two of them.

Tony adios-ed us, around 9:15, and he took off to go with friends to another Medina baseball game, in San Antone, so I told them about,

"The Wrecking Crew is an amazing documentary, on Netflix, about these hand-picked, incredibly talented, unknown musicians, who played on just about every hit record during the 50's and 60's. And some of them were Leon Russell and Glen Campbell. So Ronnie, Rick and I ended up watching that, before they took off for Austin, around 11:00.

And the rest of my day has been great, except for when Tony got back home, a little while go, and told me that Medina had lost the baseball game.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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