Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Saturday afternoon, Tony and I had a wonderful time, at Steve Pietzsch's reception, at the Kerr Arts & Cultural Center.

At 1:30, Steve Pietzsch's Illustrations From The Last Century art show was already a packed house when we arrived, at Wolfmueller's Books. And before we went inside, the bookstore, to visit with Sandy & Jon, I stopped and took a picture of this poster, advertising Steve's event, taped inside their store front window.

We had a fun, but short visit with Jon & Sandy, before going, across the street, to Steve's art reception. 

While we were visiting with our good friends we told them that we had decided to do an Airbnb using our vintage, 1977 Airstream Excella and they really liked our idea. In fact, they liked our idea so much, before we left their store, Sandy gave us these two, fabulous Airstream coffee table books to help give me ideas on how I want to decorate it. "Thank you, Sandy! These books are awesome!"

At 2:00 Sandy, Tony and I adios-ed Jon and went to Steve's artist reception. When we walked inside my dear friend, Irene Van Winkle, was taking pictures of Steve posing with family members for an article she was going to write about Steve, for the very popular West Kerr Current.

After Irene shot Steve and his family, we had fun visits with her, Steve, Steve's family, Bethany, Donna S., etc. while we admired Steve's beautiful art.

Right before Tony and I left the reception our good friends Diane and her husband Jim came up to visit with us. 

Ever since 2003, Jim was one of our very first dog-walking volunteers and we were thrilled to see him and Diane. Even though we ate lunch with them and the rest of our devoted, dog-walking volunteers, the day before, at Fuddruckers. It was sort of like a reunion luncheon for all of us.

Anyway, during our fun visit with this couple, Diane told me that she thought that she had overheard me talking, at lunch, about doing a radio show, in the near future and she was excited about it and wanted to know more about it.

Well let's just say I had one of those senior moments, because I didn't remember saying anything about doing a radio show. "Diane, I don't recall talking about doing a radio show," I apologized. And it was an awkward moment for both of us. 

Then I tapped Tony on his shoulder, "Tony, do you remember me talking about doing a radio show, yesterday at lunch? Diane says she thought I did, but I can't remember." Tony shook his head sideways, because he had food in his mouth.

Tony and I left Steve's reception soon after we adios-ed Diane & Jim, because we needed to get back to Big Foot Ranch, because Bethany was going to come see us and Steve, his brother Mike and Mike's son Daniel had told us they might also drop by, after the reception. And the real reason why we left so quickly, was so we could straighten up The Cabin, so it wouldn't look like we lived there.

Right after I had cleaned the toilet Bethany arrived. When I came outside to join her and Tony, on the front porch, let's just say that I looked more than a little flushed.

Sadly, Bethany only stayed for about an hour and the three of us talked non-stop, except for when we were laughing, as we caught up with each others news.

Ten minutes after sweet Bethany left Big Foot Ranch—Steve, Mike and Daniel arrived. And this time Steve looked a little bit flushed. But not because he had just scrubbed rust stains out of a toilet bowl. 

It was because the last few weeks he had worked so hard getting everything ready for the reception. And, at his art reception, he had spent over three hours being interviewed by several reporters, meeting and greeting people and posing with people who loved his art as much as we do.  

During our fun visit with Steve and his family, we enjoyed a Happy Hour while we sat, out on the front porch—laughing mostly. And like Bethany. I was sad to see them leave too, because not one of them had asked us to use our restroom.

That night I didn't sleep well, because I kept trying to remember if I had said anything about doing a radio show and it drove me crazy the next day too. 

Then late Sunday afternoon, when I was taking a sleepless nap with Belle, Henry Standing Bear, Little Debbie and Big Al(ice) I finally did remember joking about doing a live radio show or pod cast, at our reunion party. 

I had joked about doing a live radio show or podcast, out of the Airstream, sort of like that famous, Art Bell, the original AM broadcaster, who broad casted his popular, paranormal-themed program, Coast to Coast, from inside his old trailer, somewhere from a remote desert location. (FYI: I listened to it and loved it.)

So I immediately squirmed off of the bed, between Henry's big butt, Belle's fat head and the two Chi's and wrote Jim an e-mail. Apologizing to Diane for me forgetting. And the funny thing about that is Jim shot back this response:

"OK, I will tell her. But we both bet you could be a great radio host. Jim"

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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