Sunday, May 6, 2018

Four O'Clock!

This past week we've been pretty busy working on several projects, etc. and we've a lot of fun. So now I am going to catch y'all up with what's been going on at: Big Foot Ranch, Carol's ranch and Kinky's ranch.

Wednesday, after Tony and I discussed turning our Airstream into an Airbnb, we went to Kerrville, and I purchased some Mexican blankets and fabric, at Home Town Crafts, so I could redecorate the Land Yacht's bedroom.

Here are pictures of the bedroom, with the two twin beds, before we stripped the linens off of the beds.

Here is a picture of the fabric and Mexican blankets that I purchased, at the craft store, after spending more than an hour shopping for the perfect fabrics. And please note: Tony went to the park and took pictures, for over an hour, while I was eyeing fabrics.

I love the colors in the beautiful Mexican blankets, on top of the stool, and I plan to use these other fabrics to sew throw pillows, curtains and bed skirts. And in the picture below I am using these two fabrics to make the bed skirts. 

During the Fall and Winter months I will replace the lighter-weight, Mexican blankets and use my beautiful, Pendleton blankets. And yes, I will make new bed skirts to match those wool blankets and I will also sew new throw pillows and curtains to compliment the blankets.

Late Wednesday afternoon Tony and I went over to Carol's, because she could not wait to show us her new keyhole garden. To say the least, we were very impressed with her beautiful keyhole garden. And she and her garden inspired us, actually Tony, because he' the gardener in our family, to build another keyhole garden and plant okra and more squash.

Thursday was a busy day even though we actually didn't do much. Anyway, early that evening Carol called me, "Nancy, I just checked the radar. They're predicting heavy thunderstorms later tonight with possible hail. I just put my truck inside the barn and I think y'all should bring Roy over here and put him inside the barn."

"Carol, I think we should put Roy, in your barn too, but Tony just left, in Roy, with his brother Sam to go to the Medina baseball game, in Kerrville. They are playing Menard....Okay, as soon as they get back here, Tony and I will come over and put Roy, in your barn...." 

And I am so glad that we did, because about fifteen minutes before midnight—Big Al(ice) jumped into my lap and she started trembling. and right after I put her thunder jacket on her and gave her a happy pill and had unplugged everything, the first of several loud, heavy thunderstorms began pouring much needed rain. 

Friday morning it was still storming and because we'd gotten over four and a half inches of rain—we were land—locked, which was good, because I didn't have any clean clothes to wear.

So I spent most of the day lounging around in a sweat suit, until it cleared off and the water went down, so we could get out. And for lunch, I used my Instant Pot and cooked a pot of beans and cornbread.

Saturday night, I rented the new movie, Peter Rabbit, that Sandy & Jon had highly recommend I watch. And the dogs and I loved watching it.

So late Sunday afternoon, Tony and I went over to Carol's ranch and after I had told her all about loving the movie, Peter Rabbit, she rented it and she invited us to stay and watch it with her. And we did.

Carol loved the movie as much as I did and let's just say Tony dosed off a few times, until Carol roasted some fresh okra, in olive oil with a little salt. And then all of us snacked, on the delicious okra, as we continued to watch the movie.

Today has been great and the only exciting thing we did was go to Kerrville, so I could buy some fresh okra, at the big H-E-B, and Tony could buy some okra plants, at The Plant Haus, because we are now hooked on eating this delicious, healthy snack.

Early this evening I went over to Kinky's for a fun visit with him, Sarah, Phil, Floyd and The Friedmans, out on the porch. And before I left Kinky gave me some Four O'Clocks clippings, so I (Tony) could plant them over here for us to enjoy. 

Tone planted them for me, along the outside of our front yard fence and I cannot wait for them to start growing and flowering. 

After Tony transplanted my Four O'Clocks he then went to his keyhole garden and planted the okra and squash plants. So life is good.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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