Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Pillow Talk!

Today has been great. This morning I pulled out my sewing machine and set it up on top of the kitchen island. Then I gathered the fabric for my pillows.

Then I spent a few hours sewing covers for the five throw pillows. Then I stopped sewing, because I was out of fabric, pillow forms and I was tired.

Late this afternoon, Tony hauled the bed bumpers and I carried the five pillows, out to the Airstream. And before Tone screwed the newly covered bumpers, to the bare walls, in the bedroom, I took this picture.

Then T. helped me make up the twin beds again, and this time we tucked-in the Mexican blankets, so the bed skirt could be seen. And while we were doing that—Carol called and left me a message on Carlton. "Hey Nancy, I just got back home. I read your blog last night and I love the fabrics for the pillows. I cannot wait for the big reveal. Call me."

Having just finished making up the beds, we came back to The Cabin, so I called Carol back. "....Okay! I am leaving right now," Carol said.

Two minutes later, I was sitting, in the Airstream, with the air conditioner on, admiring the bedroom and hoping that Carol would like it too. Then the doorbell chimed. And yes, our super-cool, 1977 vintage Airstream Excella, has a doorbell and it still works.

"Hi Nancy!" Carol said. "You've got company..." Then she and Tony came inside the Airstream. "Can I see it?" I nodded yes, she turned around and this is what Carol saw. Please note that the other side looks exactly like this side.

"Nancy, I love it! It looks fantastic. And I love the pleated bed skirt with the other salmon-colored fabric and the..."

After the pillow talk, I said, "Thanks Carol," I'm worn out from doing all of that sewing. I still need to make a few more throw pillows, new curtains and reupholster the two chairs, in the dining room, but I think I am going to take a few days off, before I tackle that..."

Twenty minutes later, after visiting with Carol, we started talking about the curtains. "The curtains are in these small tracks and they are going to be a lot of work, because Tony will have to remove the curtain tracks and slide the old curtains out of the tracks for me." 

"I am not looking forward to sewing the curtains and then having to sew them, about every two inches to these little, tiny, slide-in clips. I really do want to replace these old curtains, but doing so is going to be so much work. And I know that it will drive me crazy...."

Five minutes later, Carol and I were, over at her ranch, getting out of our trucks, because Carol had suggested I do the curtains like she had done, in her ranch house, because it would be so much easier for me to make and they would look great. 

Two minutes later, after Carol showed me her curtain hangers—I was completely sold on her idea. Her curtains were so beautiful and doing the Airstream curtains like she had done would save me so many hours of work. Talk about relieved.

Before I adios-ed Carol, we went to look at her keyhole garden area and I was blown away when I saw her three, newly added, mini-keyhole gardens filled with vegetables.

Carol now has four keyhole gardens and Tony only has two. "Carol, this is brilliant what you've done and your vegetables are already thriving. Tony has got to see this....But beware. I know Tony will copy your mini-garden idea and take credit for it—just like I steal your delicious recipes and call them mine...." 

So once again, Life is Good, at Big Foot Ranch. And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing! 

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