Tuesday, March 27, 2018


The last few days have been great, besides working on our front porch and getting it semi-finished. I use the term "semi-finished" lightly, because I plan to keep adding things or more signs to the porch wall, when I find them in our many unpacked boxes.

Speaking of unpacked boxes I am literally driving myself crazy, because I can't find the box or crate that has my books that I wrote. Tony and I have searched "The Mother Ship" (my little RV) twice in hopes of finding them and we've gone through our closet twice, with still no luck.

The reason that I am so desperate to find my books is because I want to give signed copies to Andy & Lisa, because Andy was so kind and instrumental in helping us with our water collection. And I also want to give signed copies to our new found friends, Cathy & Chip, that Carol & Bill introduced us to last week. So I am asking y'all to please say a little prayer to Saint Anthony to help me find my books.

This past Saturday afternoon Tony & I went to Andy & Lisa's pot luck dinner, at their beautiful home, a few miles from here. Our good friends Bethany and our famous artist friend, Steve Pietzsch, who has also been very helpful helping Andy with our water-collection project came to the party, too.

Lisa assigned everyone what to bring to their pot-luck dinner—thank goodness. She & Andy cooked the delicious lasagna. Bethany made the salad, Steve brought 3 different kinds of ice cream for our dessert. And we furnished the chips and dips. And to say the least, "The conversations were delightful and were laugh out loud hilarious and the food was more than delicious."

Speaking of delicious I want to tell you about one of the ice creams that Steve brought, because it is now my most favorite ice cream, in the world and Tony and I had never heard of it or tasted it before.

It is an H-E-B Limited Edition Creamy Creations brand, called Mexican Hot Chocolate. And it is to die for.

Okay, hold your horses. I am sure by now you must be asking yourself, "But I thought Nancy was doing Weight Watchers?" And my answer is, "Yes, I am doing Weight Watchers and totally loving it, but because of this ice cream—I am temporarily on an extended dieting sabbatical."

Now back to my story. We had a wonderful time at Lisa & Andy's party, but we had to leave early, at 6:00, because Tony had a pool tournament to go to, at the Medina Highpoint Resort. Bottom   Line: He won one game and lost two.

Sunday morning our good friends Lisa & Andy came over, so we could show Lisa The Cabin and I was thrilled that she loved it, even though the second coat of paint was still drying, on our front door.

After our fun visit with our neighbors, our dear friend Eileen and her sweet sister Dean came to see us. Eileen and her sister loved everything that we've done to The Cabin and I was sweating bullets the whole time they were there, because I was worried that they might get red paint on them, because our front door was still not totally dry. 

We had a fun visit with Dean and Eileen and after they left Tony and I jumped into Roy (our 2012, white Dodge Ram truck) and we took off for the big H-E-B, in Kerrville, to buy that mouth-watering Mexican Hot Chocolate ice cream, before they ran out of it. 

Bottom   Line: We bought six quarts. When we got home Tony put four of these coveted ice cream quarts, in the Airstream's freezer and two inside The Cabin's freezer. And before we did anything else—we split a quart of Mexican Hot Chocolate ice cream.

Monday morning, Tony called Carol to invite her, Cathy & Chip to come over, because we could not wait to show them our new front porch, especially since the red paint had finally dried. But sadly, Carol told Tony that Chip & Cathy had already taken off, a few hours earlier, to go back to their home, in Wisconsin.

Carol had thought they were staying until Wednesday and it was just one of those mix-ups. But the good news is Carol came over and we had a great time visiting with her. 

Today has been great and I am still on sabbatical, because early this afternoon we went back to the big H-E-B, in Kerrville and we bought two more quarts of this heavenly, limited edition ice cream. And after I cooked us lunch, Julia Child's Chicken With Mushroom Sauce today, we sat down and ate more of this delicious ice cream. And I still do not feel guilty about it one bit, because once I've had enough and am no longer on sabbatical—I will resume doing Weight Watchers, again.

Before I finish writing this tonight, I want you to know that it is raining outside with thunderstorms, high winds and possibly hail predicted for tonight and the wee hours of the morning. I am fixin' to go put Big Al(ice)'s thunder jacket on her and give her a tiny pill when it starts thundering, so she won't freak out. And when the bad weather comes our way please know that we will be unplugged and eating more ice cream.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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