Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A Ton!

Before I tell you about how great today was I want you to see the beautiful wedding cake that sweet Nita made for her daughter's wedding. When Cindy and I first saw Nita's wedding cake we were not surprised that Nita had made it for Katelyn, because Nita is a gourmet cook and the best baker, in the whole Texas Hill Country. And needless to say, Katelyn's & Clay's wedding cake was the most delicious cake that I have ever eaten and this weekend I plan to beg Nita for her recipe.

Yesterday, we did our once-a-month lunch club with our dear friends. During our fun lunch, at Bella Sera, I told Denise that she looked great and asked her if she had lost some weight. Denise got all excited and told us that three days ago, she had joined Weight Watchers and that she had already lost two pounds.

Anyway, Denise was so excited about doing Weight Watchers—I came home and signed up too. Because this past year I have put on some pounds and I want to get rid of them, because I am sick and tired of my Levis being so tight. 

So last night after joining Weight Watchers I spent over an hour checking out their plans, menus, recipes and the over 200 free foods that you don't even have to count in your daily total. And then I got real excited when I discovered that Weight Watchers actually have delicious-looking recipes for my Instant Pot! 

So this morning was my first day to start doing Weight Watchers and for breakfast Tony and I ate muffins, topped with avocado and fried eggs and it was totally delicious. 

Weight Watchers use a point system and because you can eat all of the eggs that you want to without counting them, I had a half muffin, covered with a 1/4 slice of avocado and one egg. Compared to Tony's muffin, 3 eggs and the rest of the avocado.

Then after I cleaned up our kitchen, I spent 44 minutes, walking 4 fast miles, with Leslie Sansone and I plan to start doing that 5-6 times a week—starting today. And tonight as I am writing this I am drinking a glass of wine to celebrate, because today I still had 10 points left over.

This afternoon Tony and I decided to go buy some pea gravel, so we could start building the "slab," a flat place needed for our cistern, to sit on. Tony was a little hesitant about hauling the pea gravel, in the truck, but I persuaded him to do it anyway. So off we went.

Forty-minutes and fourteen and a half dollars later, Roy, our 2012 Dodge Ram, was slowly taking us back to the ranch and carrying 1 1/2 tons of pea gravel, in the back end. And I took these pictures of the pea gravel and the 12'x12' form that we are using to hold all of this pea gravel for the water tank.

Okay. Not to complain, but to complain—Tony and I shoveled 1 1/2 tons of pea gravel and then using wheelbarrows we hauled it to the "slab"and then unloaded it and raked it around. 

It took us over an hour to accomplish this task and tonight both of our backs and arms are paying for it. And the bad news is tomorrow we still have to go buy another ton, of this the pea gravel and do it all over again, before we can finish leveling the "slab."

When we were done Tony was growling a little bit, so trying to think up something positive to say, I said, "Hey, it's exercise and we both need it. And I bet that we burned up a ton of calories, too." But sadly my words went into one of his ears and out the other.

Late this afternoon my 6-string guitar/banjo arrived and I am totally thrilled with it. Here's the big box that it was shipped in.

And here is my pretty, inexpensive banjo, after I had tuned it and played it for a while. And just before Carol called me, I told Tone, "This thing is really heavy. It must weigh a ton." And that made him laugh.

So tonight as I finish writing this my jeans actually feel not as tight on me as they were this morning, so I am hoping that I might have shed a pound or two today. Even though in reality I know they are just stretched out until I wash them again,

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Fay said...

Congratulations to the happy couple, what a neat wedding they had! That cake is a stunner! So beautiful and detailed!!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! My picture of Nita's wedding cake does not give it justice.