Thursday, March 8, 2018

More Tons!

Today has been great. First off, I love doing Weight Watchers and so does Tony. It is easy, fascinating to me to add up my food points and still have leftover points that roll over. That I can save the points up when I really want to splurge on a dessert of something like that.

Also I cannot believe that I have no aching muscles of joints today, after Tony and I hauled and then spread out 1 1/2 tons of pea gravel yesterday.

Which is really great, because early this afternoon Tony and I decided instead of us going to pick up another load of pea gravel, we decided to get it delivered to us instead. So we now have more tons of pea gravel, outside near the barn, waiting for us to haul it to the "slabs" tomorrow. And I'm not talking a mere 1.5 tons like before—I'm talking 6.5 tons.

So tomorrow morning we will be outside using our his and hers wheelbarrows and we will be hauling this pile of pea gravel, down to where we have our wheelbarrows parked. FYI: My wheelbarrow is the small blue wheelbarrow and I've already decided that once we finish moving this huge pile of pea gravel—I plan to paint my wheelbarrow pink.

Late this afternoon, I called Carol and then I went over to her beautiful ranch, so we could have another fun visit and also for me to invite her to come with us this Saturday—to Katelyn's birthday party, at Ron & Nita's Ronderosa Ranch.

As always Carol and I had a fun visit and we laughed so much my back began to ache. Anyway, when I invited Carol to come with us, this Saturday, to Katelyn's birthday party she was more than thrilled about going to it. And I am not sure if she was more excited than me about going to the ranch party.

Anyway, as soon as I got back, to our ranch, the first thing I did was call Ronnie & Nita, to tell them that Carol was coming with us to the birthday party. And after I told him this exciting news about Carol coming with us, our conversation went something like this:

"Well Nance, that sounds great," Ronnie said, sounding a little bit confused. Then I heard sweet Nita laughing, in the background, because they were on the Speakerphone like I was. "We would love for y'all to bring Carol."

"I knew y'all wouldn't mind," I said. Then Ronnie chuckled and Nita started laughing, again.

"But you do know that Katelyn's birthday party isn't this Saturday. It's on the 17th?" Then we all started laughing.

"Omg, I thought it was this Saturday. Of course it is on the 17th. I feel so stupid." And as we continued to laugh, I added, "That would have been great for us driving up there, on Saturday and y'all not being there....." 

After we had finally quit laughing about me getting the dates wrong, we adios-ed each other and then I immediately called Carol. "Hi Nancy," Carol said. Then I told her about me getting the dates mixed up and like the rest of us she burst out laughing with my news, and then she said, "That would have been horrible for us to show up and...."And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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