Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Open House!

Today has been great, but later this afternoon— it got a little weird to say the least. And at first I was blaming this freaky happening on our poltergeist that is known to show up now and then and cause minor havoc with Tony and me and our devices, etc.

It made perfectly good sense to me to blame it on our poltergeist, because as you know it is M.I.R. (Mercury In Retrograde) time again and our friendly/prankster poltergeist often shows up when it is M.I.R. time. In fact, it is almost a given.

By now I'm assuming that you must be asking yourself, "So what in the heck happened?" Well, I am fixin' to tell you, so hold your horses.

Around 3:00 today, when we got back home, from Kerrville, we saw that our screened-in, glass front door, on our front porch, was wide opened and that was before we got out of J.J. Cale. "Tony, why in the world is our front door standing wide opened?"

Then when we got up, on the front porch, our red front door was closed like we had left it, but our glass/screened-in front door was wedged opened, on the other side of the ceiling beam and it had made about a 1/2" groove, into the wood, before it to got wedged to the other side of the beam. It was totally amazing. Here are four pictures that I took of it, before Tony got on the phone and called Aaron to ask him to please come out and fix our door for us.

After Tony told me that Aaron was on his way out, he took off to go over to our property to meet with our plumber friend. And that's when I called Kinky. "Kink, we've just gotten back, from Kerrville and our front door is ajar. Wide open. Did we get some real high winds while we were gone?"

"Yes," Kinky replied. "There were some really high winds here that lasted for about fifteen minutes or so...." So that immediately confirmed that the high winds had blown our screened-in/glass door wide open and forced it to go under the beam. 

Now it gets even freakier! While I was waiting for Aaron to show up I started writing this post for tonight and about five minutes before Aaron arrived, I heard the front door knob turn, on our front door and I assumed that Tony had come back to get something that he must of forgotten to take over there. 

But when our dogs started barking madly, at the front door, I quickly put our dogs, in the backyard and then I went to the front door to greet Aaron and to thank him for coming out so fast to fix our glass door for us. But Aaron wasn't there. In fact, no one was there. So I took this picture to document what time it was when this happened.

And five minutes later Aaron arrived, so I went out to the front porch to greet him and thank him for coming out to help us fix the jammed door.

While Aaron was getting his tools out of his truck, I half-hollered, "Aaron, did you come up to the house a few minutes ago and then leave?"

"No. I just got here. Why?" 

As Aaron came into our front yard, I told him, "A weird thing just happened before you got here. I heard our door knob turn and I think someone was at our front door, because our dogs started barking and when I went to the front door—no one was there."

"Nancy, please don't tell me that. You know that I am scared of ghosts and stuff like that."

"Okay, but it was really weird. It must have been our poltergeist playing with me. It does things like that." And before I could finish what I was going to say to Aaron he turned on his loud, electric saw to tune me out. 

Which of course, I understood. And two minutes later—Aaron had sawed a big notch, into the beam and then our front door closed smoothly, underneath the beam, that had been holding it open. Thank goodness for no more open house. 

After Aaron left here, he took off to go help Tony, over at the property. And as I finish writing this tonight I am glad that Aaron fixed our front door, but I am still wondering if it was our poltergeist that turned our front door knob. And that's about it for tonight, because I am going over to the property to help Tony and Aaron batten down the hatches, because we might be getting a lot of rain over the next few days.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Anonymous said...

OH I am so easily spooked, at this point I probably would have burned the house down ;) Susie G from Fort Worth

Mari of the NoMads said...

Thanks for the reminder about MIR, Nancy. It might explain some of the weird things that have been happening. For example I went to the post office and they were out of stamps! All but the tiny denominations, like 1 and 2 cent stamps. They promised to get them in the next day.

Then today I pulled the minivan up to a gas pump only to have the attendant run out of the convenience store to tell me all power was out from something that blew up at Del Norte earlier! Power was out all the way to 5 Points! No gas for me nor others that were unsuspectingly pulling to the pumps!

Then there's the fact that last Friday I lay down to read, laid my glasses down on the bed and fell asleep for 2 hours. I woke up in the same position I had been in when I fell asleep. I haven't seen my glasses since then. They can NOT have gone anywhere, but they did.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Cousin Susie and Mari! Susie, I am glad that you weren't here visiting us, because you might have tried to burn down our beloved trailer, but I do wish that you would come visit us.

Mari, thank you for the power outage report. A few people, in the big H-E-B, were talking about the freakish power outage. The Post Office being out of stamps is weird, but it does not surprise me, because things like this are common during M.I.R. time.

That is weird about your glasses disappearing and I am wondering if you might have a poltergeist problem, too. Last week, when we were working on our floor I grabbed my palm-nailer that was in my office, so I could take it over to the property, so I could use it. But when I got ready to go over to the property—I could not find my palm-nailer.

Tony and I spent over 20 minutes looking for it, but we never found it. And that is why I had to buy a new palm-nailer. I know that it must be some where in The Cabin—but only The Shadow knows where it is.

Mari of the NoMads said...

And it isn't ending yet. Today I went to the jewelry shop for a new leather watchband, only to find they no longer have the hypo-allergenic version that I require. I was referred to Gibson's where I did find the watchband I wanted but was then told the person that worked behind the counter and could put it on my watch for me was not here today. I asked how long she'd be gone and they didn't know, because she is on "leave". I am now the proud owner of a new hypoallergenic watchband in its original container - not on my watch, which still features its ratty OLD hypoallergenic watchband.
I think I'll wait until MIR is gone before I try Gibson's again to see if the 'watch lady' is back from 'leave'. Meanwhile I hope the Poltergeist doesn't lose my new watchband!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! Sorry to hear about your watchband still in its case. At least you've been preprepared for all of this M.I.R. trouble. I may have a solution on getting your watch back on your wrist—go to Baublitts, on Water Street. They are fabulous people and are totally qualified to put your watch on your new hypo-allergenic leather watch band.

Have you found your eye glasses yet?

Mari of the NoMads said...

I went to Baublitt's and my new leather watchband is now attached to my old watch and is prominently featured on my wrist! And it only cost me a small labor charge! I'm thrilled! (BTW they're the ones who referred me to Gibson's!) Thanks for the idea!

Eyeglasses are still in the clutches of the poltergeist - probably in a parallel dimension or something!

Rain is coming shortly per the radar, so I'm going to go put the dogs indoors now.

Stiil, I gotta say: MIR, go away and come again another day!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! I am glad to hear that Baublitts's did the trick. They are great people. Years ago Sandy & Jon Wolfmueller recommended them to us, so they could put a new pink watchband on my watch and it only took a couple of minutes for them to do it.

I hope your poltergeist gives up and returns your eye glasses soon and I am with you about M.I.R. go away, but I am not wishing it comes back another day.