Thursday, August 10, 2017

Drinking Our Breakfast! or WOO HOO!

A couple of nights ago I watched Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory, a fabulous documentary on Netflix. It was about this social worker who uses music to unlock memory, in nursing home patients that have Alzheimers disease. And I highly recommend watching this very special documentary, because it touched my heart. And it was totally incredible watching the effect that the individual's favorite music had on these patients. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know about it and I hope that you'll watch it.

After I watched this great documentary I was so inspired by it, because I know just how important my music is to me, so I decided to watch this PBS fund-raising Special on Yoga and all of the health benefits you get from doing it.

The Yoga instructor was Peggy Cappy and within a couple of minutes she had me hooked on watching this show. Anyway, she inspired me to give Yoga a try, but instead of calling in a pledge to show my support for PBS—I went to Amazon and ordered three of Peggy Cappy's PBS Yoga DVDs. And then a few minutes after I had ordered them I felt guilty for not making a pledge to PBS, because I truly do love PBS.

Well yesterday morning, while Tony and I were drinking our breakfast (healthy smoothies not me fine-boxed-wine or his cheap beer) I started telling him all about that great music documentary and the Yoga show, on PBS. And he seemed interested, even though he never once looked up from his laptop.

I must have talked to him for at least ten minutes about these inspiring shows, and then I said, "Tony, I think you and I need to work harder at being healthier and I hope that you'll try doing yoga with me. The three videos that I ordered are for easing pain, back care basics and easy yoga for diabetes. I know we don't have diabetes, but it does run in our families..."

"Uh huh," was all he said, so I took that for a "yes."

Okay. Today has been great. This afternoon Tony and I went to the Habitat for Humanity, in Kerrville, because we love to shop at that store. And we ended up only buying two door-stops and an incredible sign that I just had to have, because it spoke volumes to me and it made me laugh.

After that shopping brief spree we made a quick stop, at Walmart, so I could buy myself a Yoga mat and that took longer than we had expected. Because I wanted to buy this pretty pink yoga mat that was 3 mm thick, but Tony wanted me to buy this blue yoga mat, because it had a lot more padding—"10mm THICK." Bottom   Line: I bought the more expensive, blue yoga mat. Then we came back home.

Well to my delight there were two UPS packages waiting for me, at our gate and they were Peggy Cappy's PBS yoga DVDs! "Talk about perfect timing," I said, as we drove up to The Cabin.

As soon as we got inside, The Cabin, I lined up my purchases and was taking pictures of them for my blog tonight and then I started laughing at myself, because the big, blue yoga (Exercise) mat and Peggy's three yoga DVDs were about me (maybe us) trying to get healthier, but my newly-purchased, beloved, used-sign was putting out a completely opposite message.

So as I finish writing this post for tonight I've decided to leave you in complete suspense, wondering to yourself, "Will she do yoga tonight or will she drink two glasses of her fine, Franzia Chillable Red boxed wine?" And the truth is—only The Shadow knows. But if I were you, I'd bet my money on the wine. WOO HOO!

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


jwolf said...

Hi Nancy, if you and Tony can get and stay in that position on the first tape you're going to wish you could skid sideways over to a chair to hopefully help get you up off the floor(and your beautiful blue mat)! Just make sure it is close to the frig so you can reach the wine and a beer!!
Good luck, I'll be anxious to hear how your yoga works out.

Fay said...

"And he seemed interested, even though he never once looked up from his laptop" That's hilarious! I bust out laughing on the train reading that this morning.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Jean! I sincerely appreciate your good advice, but it is sadly too late. I've been down on the floor for over an hour and because it is only 11:00 AM, it is too early to start drink some fine wine. And even if I wanted to drink some wine I can't, because the wine glasses are, up on the shelf, above the kitchen sink.

Of course, I could just open the boxed wine tap and let it flow slowly into my cupped hands, until Tony, comes back inside, to help lift me off of the floor.

But I can't really do that either, because Henry Standing Bear will try to drink my wine straight from its spout. I know this, because several times I've caught Henry licking the wine spout when I am, standing over the kitchen sink, vigorously cranking my salad spinner—to dry huge clumps of dog hair—to make Carol's Christmas Top Bun present.

So I guess I will just have to try to crawl outside, so I can holler, "Tony!"

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! Before I crawl outside and holler for Tony to come rescue me, I want to thank you for your comment. I am so glad that my post made you laugh out loud, on the train ride. And please do me a favor and call Tony's cell phone number and tell him that he needs to come rescue me, before I fall off of the front porch. And I thank you in advance for doing this.

Anonymous said...

Nancy, do you remember those funky caps you can get at the flea markets, the ones that have a bracket for beer on both sides that have straws coming down. You can fix up something like this but put the wine in the containers and as for the time, well it i always noon somewhere. :) No matter were you fall you always have access to the wine. Susan G from Fort Worth

cousin nancy said...

Hi Cousin Susie! Yes, I remember those "beer helmets" and maybe could figure out how to "rig it" to carry my box of fine red wine. Thanks for the idea.