Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I Forgot! or Funny Sunday!

Today has been great and so have the past few days. Tony and I have been busy working, over at the property.

Monday and Tuesday we received quite a bit of much needed rain, so those two afternoons, after doing our rescue ranch chores we went, over to the property and burned some cut-up cedar branches, logs and some clumps of dead, overgrown bushes, near the cabin, that we had cut down several weeks ago.

Oh my goodness, I'm jumping the gun already, because I forgot to tell you about our funny Sunday we had. So I'll do it right now.

Sunday afternoon Kinky called me and asked if he could bring a couple of friends over to meet us and to show them our rescue ranch. And of course, I said yes.

Anyway after introductions we were drinking coffee, inside The Cabin and Kinky tells us this Alzheimer's  joke. And it went something like this: "This comedian goes to this nursing home that specifically care for patients with Alzheimer disease. And when he gets there the staff tells him he only has to do thirty minutes. So he gets up on the stage and he is a nervous wreck.

"So he tells them a joke and only a few patients clapped when he told the punchline. So he tells the same joke, again. And the audience response was much better. So he keeps telling the same joke again and again. And each time that he retells this same joke the audience response gets bigger and people are hooting and hollering and laughing non-stop.

"So right after he tells this same joke, for the umpteenth time, a staff member, standing behind the curtain, waves to him to let him know that his thirty minutes are up and he was really relieved.

"As he is walking out of the auditorium, this man walks up and stops him, and he says, "You were hilarious! How do you do you remember all of that?"  (End of joke and all of us laughed.)

Okay, so then Kinky gets sort of serious and tells us about a radio call-in talk show, sort of like Dr. Laura, but not her, that gives advice to callers on how to deal with their personal problems. And it had impressed him somewhat. "This elderly, married couple were having this dinner party and they had invited some new neighbors over.

"The elderly woman had Alzheimer's and she would repeat something over and over again to her guests and the kind, loving husband ignored that she was repeating herself and not once did he make an excuse or apologize for her repeating herself, when she would go back and forth, into the kitchen.

"And I liked that he loved her so much that he didn't feel the need that he had to apologize for her behavior," Kinky remarked. "It says a lot about her husband not feeling the need to go around whispering, behind her back and making excuses for her. And I think that he should be admired for doing that." Then Kinky took a long puff on his cigar.

Silence filled the big room and needless to say the mood had drastically changed, inside The Cabin. We'd just been laughing, which was about a 10, in my book, and now my mood-meter had suddenly dropped down to maybe a 2 at best.

And that was driving me crazy and making me feel uneasy, so to change the mood and hopefully push it up a few notches, I said, "Kinky, he did it, because he has Alzheimer's, too."

 Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Fay said...

Great blog, Nancy!

cousin nancy said...

Thanks Fay!