Sunday, August 20, 2017

I Bought A Gun! or Concealed Weapon!

First off, I apologize for not blogging the past ten days, but I do have a good excuse. Tony and I have been spending all of our spare time working, over at our new property and that has been exciting as well as exhausting.

Seriously, we have been working our rear ends off (I wish) over there and every evening when we get back home I've been just too tired. In fact, I haven't done much yoga at all, because of the great workout that I'm getting from painting, sanding, etc.

This past week besides taking care of rescue ranch business and working my you know what off, I helped Tony enter a photography contest. Our good friends Eileen and Lisa found out about this awesome hummingbird contest/fundraiser that is being held, at the Jeff Davis County Library, in Alpine, and they talked Tony into entering it. So, he did. And he sent these two, beautiful photos of his hummingbirds, to Alpine. So please wish him luck.

This one is titled: The Shadow Knows

And this one is titled: Feedin' Time

Now for the gun part of this post. Recently due to an event last week, I decided to buy myself a gun, because I realized that I seriously needed to have one. So I asked myself, "What would Ronnie do?" even though I already knew what the answer was.

Anyway, last Friday morning, before meeting our good friends Kris & Jim for lunch, Tony and I went to Kerrville and I bought myself a gun. And I quickly realized that Tony was much more thrilled about me buying it than I was. 

I'm glad that I went ahead and bought this gun, that actually comes with a "life-time" warranty, which is great if you are a young person, but I am old and rapidly approaching 66 years, in October. So I guess the life-time warranty is nothing for me to go bragging about.

This awesome gun that I now own is almost too heavy for me to lift, so I am not sure just how much it is actually going to help me when and if I ever need to use it. 

After buying my gun and the needed accessories I was pretty excited about it all, but at the same time I was also disappointed, because it and its accessories were not pink. And when I groaned to Tony about it being orange and not a pretty pink—he just laughed at me, all of the way over to the Acapulco restaurant.

Tony and I arrived first, at the restaurant and before we went inside, to eat lunch with our good friends, we hid my (ugly) orange, concealed weapon, underneath a blanket, in JJ's backseat.  

As soon as Kris & The Mineral Man sat down, at our table, I blurted out, "I just bought a gun!" Kris & Jim politely smiled at me and nodded their heads and then I caught them turning their heads and raising their eyebrows, as they glanced over at Tony to get his reaction. Then Tony and I burst out laughing. "Y'all, I bought a nail gun just like Ronnie uses and it comes with a life-time warranty and...."

"Last Thursday Ronnie drove down here, from Dripping Springs and he spent the day helping us firm-up the wooden floor, in the living room and the kitchen. And he brought along his nail gun, palm-nailer and compressor and other equipment and it was amazing just how fast we got things done. It was so much easier than us having to drive screws one screw at a time...."  

Then I pulled my iPhone out of my purse and showed them these pictures of the floor, before Aaron and Tony had removed it all, before Ronnie came down, on Thursday, to help us firm-up the floor, because in the near future it will be able to handle our super-heavy, wood-burning stove that weighs well over 300 pounds and the heavy kitchen drainboards and counters that I am in the process of building, with Tony's help.

"And while Tony and Aaron were busy helping Ronnie put down a new floor, our two Tuff Sheds arrived!" I said, before I stopped talking long enough, so we could give our waitress our orders. And just so you'll know—Tony and I did not order the exact same thing like we usually do, because it is sadly M.I.R. time, again. And it officially started on August 13th.

Then I showed Kris & Jim a picture of Tony's and my new look-alike Man Cave and She Shed. "We've already bought the paint and we're going to stain them with latex cedar stain, this weekend. And...." 

Tony and I have now put two coats of cedar stain, on our His & Her sheds and they look beautiful, even though we have not yet painted the trim. So, among us working on these on-going projects I hope that you will continue to cut me some slack for not blogging regularly.

And before I finish writing this today, I want to let you know that, tomorrow morning, Ronnie is coming, back down, to help us finish putting the new sub-floor down before, during and after the eclipse. So it will be another busy for day us, but this time it will go twice as fast, because Tony will be using my nail gun, while I am carefully using my palm-nailer to nail in the joist hangers. 

Y'all have a great Sunday and keep on laughing! 


Fay said...

PS. Good luck to Tony, those photos are gorgeous!
PPS: I just saw you bought a NAIL gun! LMAO! I thought you bought a firearm! Oh, and my parking garage situation was a run in with a completely naked man, running around like a maniac and trying car doors. The elevator doors had closed and I was completely alone with this nutbar on the 5th floor garage. I would have been thankful to have your nail gun, Nance. Anyhow, I managed to back up and get out of there so I am very thankful. xx

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! That is really scary about your run-in with a naked, maniac man, running around the 5th floor garage. I suggest you buy a nail-gun, too even though they are awful heavy to use and are gigantic. When I told Tony about your 5th floor nut running around the garage I told him about me suggesting you get a nail-gun and it made him laugh, because he told me that you would also need to have a heavy air-compressor, plugged into the wall. So never mind, but be safe.