Thursday, August 3, 2017


Yesterday was so much fun. In the early afternoon we met our good friends: Les, Kris & Jim for a fun lunch, at the China Town restaurant, but right when we were pulling into the parking lot, an ambulance and fire truck, with their sirens blasting and their lights flashing red and blue—beat us into the parking lot and they parked the emergency vehicles, right in front of the China Town restaurant. So I immediately started worrying that it might be one of our friends that was headed to the hospital, because that would ruin our lunch.

When we got out of JJ (Cale, of course.) I was staring at my cell phone, looking at this delicious-looking Herbed Crab Rolls recipe photo, that I had earlier taken a picture of using my iPhone camera. It was inside my copy of Prevention magazine's August/2017 issue. 

Actually, I was looking at the recipe—not the picture, so I could be sure to buy all of the ingredients needed to make the recipe, after we ate lunch with our friends. So since I had my cell phone's camera handy, I pointed it and snapped this picture of the ambulance.

And right after I took this picture, a kind-looking, elderly woman walked up to me—smiled at us and then just stared at me. I asked her if she needed help, and she replied, "Yes, I forgot where I parked my car. I've been walking around this hot parking lot, for over ten minutes."

Tony and I asked her what color her car was. "It's a white Toyota." Then we asked her if it was a big or small Toyota. "Yes, it is small." Tony and I quickly scanned the parking lot and just about every other car that was parked there was white. 

"There's a white Toyota parked over there," I said, as I pointed to it. She looked, and said, "That's not it. It has a little A&M bumper sticker on the bumper." So I asked the sweet woman to stay put and we'd go looking for it.

Our search for her missing vehicle was short lived and within two minutes, because this sweet lady walked really, really slow, we waved goodbye to her as she drove off.

When we walked inside the restaurant, the emergency rescue team immediately asked us to stand back, as they wheeled another sweet, old lady out the front door. And thirty seconds later, we greeted Les, Kris & Jim, who were sitting, at a table near the fireplace. (Denise, Les' sweet wife was unable to make our luncheon, because she was entertaining their granddaughter, in San Antone.)

While we were waiting for the waitress to come and take our orders, I was telling them about us unintentionally following Kinky into town. "He was driving right in front of us," I said. "And he was driving under the speed limit. So I called him on his cell phone, and said, "Kinky, the speed limit is 60. Well it startled Kinky, and he said, "Who is this? Nance? Anyway, when I told him it was me we both started laughing and then he sped up to 60 mph. And before we adios-ed each other he invited Tony and me to join him, Kent & Ruthie for lunch, at the Hat, which is right across the street from the China Town restaurant. So they're sitting right across the street eating Mexican food while we..."

Well, our lunch with our good friends was a lot of fun and yes, Tony and I ordered the exact same thing, as usual—Sweet & Sour Shrimp, Hot & Sour Soup, Fried Rice, Egg Rolls and Iced Teas.

After lunch, Tony and I bought our groceries, at the little H-E-B store and then we came back home. And because Kinky had earlier invited us to come over, to the Lodge, to visit with Kent & his sweet wife, Ruth Buzzi and him, when we got back home, I baked (Carol's) my Cousin Nancy's Chocolate Sheet Cake to take over to the Lodge.

We had a really fun visit with Ruthie & Kent and Kinky and they loved my delicious cake. And a few hours later, we took Ruthie & Kent, over to see our property. And after we gave them a grand tour—they told us that they loved it as much as we do and they were very excited for us.

Today has been great. Kent & Ruthie came over early this morning for a short, fun visit, before heading back home, in North Texas. And during our visit Kent told us the most hilarious story about when a long time ago Ruthie and Jonathan Winters ran into each other, at the Burbank Airport and were crossing the street when a traffic officer stopped traffic. I will share the story, but not today, because this post is turning into a book.

For lunch today I fixed Prevention magazine's delicious Herbed Crab Rolls recipe—but minus the rolls, because we're dieting. It was totally healthy and absolutely delicious and it only took me 15 minutes to prepare. And we totally loved it.

 So I highly recommend that you make this recipe. And here's that picture of the recipe that I was staring at, in the parking lot, before we helped that, sweet elderly woman find her little white Toyota, with an A&M bumper sticker on it. Followed by a picture of my healthy lunch plate, before I ate it all up.

And before I finish writing this I must confess that after we ate our healthy lunch today—we caved-in and ate Cousin Nancy's Chocolate Sheet Cake for dessert.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!  


Mari of the NoMads said...

Nancy, can you substitute imitation crab meat for real crab in the recipe? That looks terrific and I will be making Cousin Nancy's Herbed Crab Rolls soon - especially if imitation crab meat is a GO!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! I used imitation crab meat and seriously, we love this recipe and I can't wait for you to try it.

Mari of the NoMads said...

I'm on it! I drove to the little HEB and got all the ingredients that we did not have (e.g. tarragon). Guess what we're having for supper? I'll be putting mine on leaf lettuce, though, not bread. I am TRYING to cut back on carbs, although I'm not always successful. Sigh.

I'm so looking forward to this - I'll give you a review later.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! That is hilarious that you had to buy Tarragon, too. The Tarragon, granny apple and the imitation crab meat was what I had to buy. We love Prevention magazine's "Cousin Nancy's Herbed Crab Rolls" and I can't wait for your review.

Mari of the NoMads said...

Big Thumbs Up on this latest "Cousin Nancy" recipe from both David and me! We served it up on one 45 cal piece of bread and used a piece of fresh leaf lettuce as the top "bun". A perfect light, tasty meal with the ability to satisfy hunger!

The most embarrassing part of this recipe adventure for me was the shopping. I had always heard of 'shallots' but had no idea what one was, other than that is was a type of onion.

So I found shallots in the onion area (yes, really!) of the store and added a small one to my basket and headed to checkout. There a very young man was my 'checker'. He lifted the shallot from the basket and asked me "This is a shallot, right?". He was at LEAST 45 YEARS younger than me and yet he could already recognize a shallot! I wonder if I fooled him when I nonchalantly replied "Why yes, it's a shallot." - just like I knew what I was talking about.

There is little doubt that no one will ever mistake me for an Iron Chef. But keep those recipes coming so I can continue to 'broaden my culinary scope'!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! I am more than thrilled that you and David tried Cousin Nancy's delicious Herbed Crab Rolls recipe and putting your own twist on it. We love this recipe and I loved that it was so simple and easy to prepare. Trust me—I am planning to make this at least once a week for us.

LOL, I am still laughing about your confession concerning "What do shallots look like?" So I must admit that I don't know about shallots either, so I just used a bunch of those little onions with stalks. And since we are into confessing our food ignorance—I've never used Tarragon before and Tony had to help me find it among the spices.

P.S. The next time I fix this, I am going to wrap our "rolls" in lettuce...

Mari of the NoMads said...

I have been feeling very smug that I had heard the word 'tarragon' before and knew it was a spice. I wonder if that HEB checker knows what tarragon is? I just may know something he doesn't know about food after all.

But I have to admit that having heard the word doesn't mean I had a clue as to what 'tarragon' would look like. The word sounded like something from a Middle Earth type fantasy novel - maybe the name of a place or a famous knight..or dwarf....or hobbit...or score from a game played on broomsticks!

Anyway I GOOGLED the word - to see the picture of the herb. I then called our NoMad resident culinary expert - Lori - to see if she thought the little HEB might have it in stock. She wasn't sure, so when I later hit the HEB fresh herbs aisle it was with trepidation, thinking I might yet have to go to the Big City to find a Whole Foods stocked with tarragon!

Eureka! Tarragon was at the HEB and I was able to find it ---- but only because of the label on the bag, not because I remembered what it looked like - not after a 30 minute drive (away from my computer) to town. (The preceding statement is not to be misinterpreted as saying that I "slept" while driving to town - I'm just old and have little short-term memory.)

As for shallots, I laughed while reading that you used green onions because I had alway GUESSED that shallots were a fancy name given to the stalks of green onions! I looked at the picture of the shallots on the recipe you posted and said to myself, in true surprise, "Huh?" I was afraid they would taste very 'different' from green onions so I felt I had to buy the real thing. Tip: cutting a shallot = potential for the cook crying. Yep, a lot like an onion, all right.

We'd better end this discussion or people will learn altogether too much about our epic ignorance of 'trendy' foods. Don't even ask about the time Lori asked me to stop at Whole Foods while I was in San Antonio to buy some hummus.......

cousin nancy said...

Laugh out loud and end of subject.