Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I Nailed It & I Screwed It!

Since my Sunday post—we've been busy. Yesterday Ronnie came back down, from Dripping Springs to help us finish firming up the floor, in the big room and the kitchen. And I am happy to report that the eclipse had little effect on us working.

By 1:00 our floor-work project was completed and Ronnie was, outside, loading up all of his tools and equipment to take back home with him, as I went back inside our house and snapped this picture of our beautiful, new sub-floor. Then I went back outside to thank Ronnie for helping, before giving him a hug.

This morning after doing our chores, inside and outside, we went back over to the property to meet up with Aaron, because we had planned on the three of us doing some fence work outside. But at the very last minute, before we started to work on the fencing, I said, "Y'all, wait a second. I've just changed my mind. Let's start putting in the kitchen floor today instead of working outside...."

And three hours later, after I nailed it and I screwed it, along with Aaron and Tony nailing and screwing down the floor much faster than me—our new (recycled wood taken from Outer Space) kitchen floor was finished and it looked absolutely beautiful, charming and cozy. And to say the least—I was absolutely thrilled with it and could not have been happier about how it had all turned out.

And that is about it for tonight, because I am tired and because my arms and back are sore, because I have not yet started doing my yoga videos to make me more limber. 

Maybe tomorrow I will try to start doing the yoga DVDs, but I wouldn't bet on it, because I am already hoping to take down the tin from the wall and start putting wood up on all of the walls until they are fully covered, so it will start looking more like The Cabin that we love.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing! Good night.

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