Monday, February 27, 2017

Robert Plant!

Last Monday afternoon our dear, Canadian friends, Fay & Ian came to see us and we had a total blast and a wonderful time showing them the beautiful, Texas Hill Country. And it all started with meeting them, at the Acapulco restaurant, for lunch, because they had already fallen in love with our delicious Tex-Mex food, in San Antonio.

Early Monday evening, after they had checked in, at the Medina Highpoint Resort, they came over to the rescue ranch to visit with us and Kinky. But the first thing that they wanted to do when they arrived here was to meet Henry Standing Bear (Because they adopted his twin sister.) and Little Debbie & Big Al(ice).

Needless to say, they fell in love with our dogs and they were amazed about how much bigger Henry is compared to their Miss Moneypenny. And the funny thing was Ian and Little Debbie instantly fell in love with each other, while Henry hammed it up and ate up all the attention they were giving him. And just so you'll know, so I don't have to repeat it again and again—everytime that Fay & Ian were over here, Little Debbie made sure that Ian was holding her in his arms.

That night when we went over to have a fun visit with Kinky, in his kitchen he played us his two new songs for us. Then we started talking about being hard of hearing, and Tony said, "I'm serious. I am getting Kinky and Nancy hearing-aids for their birthdays. They're so deaf that they don't hear things right."

"What?" I joked.

Then we started taking turns telling our best jokes to each other, but Ian won hands-down with his hilarious, true story that actually happened to him and Fay. And here is my Reader's Digest version of his great story, that made all of us burst out laughing at the end of it.

One evening, many, many years ago, Ian came home from work and when he walked into the kitchen Fay told him, "I have some bad news to tell you. Robert Plant has died." And Ian was just as upset about it as Fay was, so after dinner, they went to a nearby pub to drown out their sorrows.

As tears filled their beers, they sadly reminisced about how much they had both loved Robert Plant's music. They talked about his years with Led Zeppelin, their favorite songs and the awesome album Robert Plant had cut with Alison Krauss, etc. Then they left the bar and went back home and spent the rest of their evening playing their most favorite Robert Plant songs. 

The next morning, before Ian or Fay went to work, she had been watching the news. And when Ian came into the kitchen to kiss her goodbye, she said, "It was Robert Palmer who died—not Robert Plant." So during the rest of Fay & Ian's visit—all of us kept joking, "Did you hear about Robert Plant?" It became our common bond, even though we all loved Robert Palmer and his music.

I know that I've already written about Tuesday, but I did leave a couple of things out. Tuesday morning, I cooked waffles and bacon for Fay & Ian, Kinky and his friend Roscoe (who was a guitar player in Kinky's famous band, The Texas Jewboys.) Tony and me. And while we were eating, Sarah, our great, Scottish friend, who we had invited to join us, arrived to drink some coffee with us.

While we were eating and drinking coffee or tea Kinky pulls out this giant rock, from his pocket and tells us that he had just found this outside, while walking up to The Cabin. Then he says, "I have just found a genuine, petrified bagel."

So we started cracking jokes about "the bagel" and someone suggested that we try to sell it on a eBay.

After breakfast we went over to Kinky's for more fun and to take pictures of Kinky's mother's ancient, non-running, convertible car, that in its prime used to talk to Kinky, and tell him, "The door is ajar." 

In fact, Kinky had made this car very famous many years ago, in his mystery novel Armadillos And Old Lace. The exact same car that sweet Fay had purchased for $500.00, last year, at an eBay auction, with all of the proceeds to benefit our rescue ranch.

While we were having so much fun, Roscoe and I started visiting, because during our breakfast he and I had discovered that we were born and raised, in Ft. Worth, and that we had lived only three blocks away from each other while growing up. 

Anyway, during our brief visit, Roscoe left and then returned quickly, because he wanted to give me the last cd, men of extinction: we made it ourselves that he had recorded several years ago. And when I saw the cover I burst out laughing, because I loved the picture.

And to wind this post up, here are just some of Tony's and my favorite pictures of us having so much fun with our dear Canadian friends, Fay & Ian.

At the famous, Old Spanish Trail (O.S.T.) restaurant, in Bandera. Where we all ate chicken fried steaks.

Kinky, Copper, Dylan, Roscoe, Fay & Ian and Tony and I ate a delicious lunch, at Buzzi's BBQ, in Kerrville. Then in the parking lot, Roscoe, Ian, Tony and me are hanging out, as Fay tried to help Kinky view some pictures that were sent to his antique flip phone.

Some pictures of our Thursday night Cowgirl Sisterhood Reunion-Happy Hour, at Carol's beautiful ranch, along with Kinky and Roscoe.

Friday afternoon, after all of us had eaten a delicious lunch, at the Apple Store, in Medina, with our fabulous, dog-walking, volunteers/friends, Kris & Jim are saying goodbye to Ian & Fay.

Roscoe, Sarah and Kinky posing with Kinky's/Fay's famous talking car. And Ian and Fay posing with it, too.

Henry and Little Debbie hanging out with Fay & Ian.

Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of Ian and Fay playing golf, at the Flying L or us target practicing with my pretty, pink, Daisy Red Ryder BB gun or us visiting with our great friends Sandy & Jon and Jean, at Wolfmueller's Books store, before we had to adios each other, so they could return to San Antone, because Saturday they had tickets for the last performance of the 2017 San Antonio Rodeo.

As you can already imagine Tony and I are already really missing our dear friends Fay & Ian, but the good news is that they have promised us that they will be back sooner than later and will definitely be spending more time with us, because they love Texas—especially the Texas Hill country, because it is definitely the prettiest part of Texas.

Y'all take care and keep on laughing!


Fay said...

Oh, Boy! I'm never going to live that one down for sure LOL
Thanks to you and Tony for an absolutely fantastic week full of laughs and great memories. We will definitely be coming back!!

cousin nancy said...

We love you and Ian and are already looking forward to your next visit! Today, on our way to Kerrville, Tony said, "I really do miss Ian and Fay." And I totally agreed with him.

Mari of the NoMads said...

Nancy, thank you SO much for sharing your adventures with Ian and Fay. As you know I live the 'exciting' part of my life via your blog and I now feel like I've met Famous Fay and Intriguing Ian and from what you have posted, they're definitely MY kinda people!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! They would love you and you would love them!