Monday, February 6, 2017


I am finally out of hibernation, because the Super Bowl was great  and so exciting, including Lady Ga Ga's performance and because today has been great, too.

I wasn't all that excited about watching Super Bowl, because the Cowboys weren't in it, but I watched it anyway. And I am glad that I did, because the last twenty minutes of the game had Tony and I glued to the TV.

I must confess that early this afternoon, noon to be exact, was embarrassing for me, even though I should be used to being embarrassed by my "Senior Moments."

Early this morning, after giving Roy his morning pill and after drinking my first cup of coffee, I pulled on my sweats so I could do my workout video Walk Slim: Fast & Firm! 4 Really Big Miles with Leslie Sansone.

Right after I started the workout the phone rang—it was Kinky—so I paused my workout. First, we talked about the great Super Bowl game. Then he suggested that we eat lunch together, in Kerrville. "Kink, we would love to, but I have to do a call-in, at noon, for a Board Meeting conference call with Jay & Sarah Pennington and the rest of the Pet Search & Rescue Board Members. It should last about an hour or so and then we can go."

"That's perfect," Kinky said. "Where do you want to eat?"

"You decide. I'm tired of making decisions. Let's talk after I do the board meeting? I'll call you as soon as I am done."

"Sounds good." Click. Kinky didn't say goodbye, because when he and I talk we rarely, ever say goodbye to each other. Bottom Line   We just hang up on each other after we're done talking. Because it's been a "family tradition" with us for over twenty-five years. An old habit that we're okay with.

Anyway, after my sweaty workout with Leslie I took a quick shower and dressed and had only three minutes left before calling Sarah's cell phone, for our board meeting."Hi Nancy," Sarah said.

"Hi Sarah."

"It is good to hear from you. What's are y'all up to?"

"Nothing much. We're meeting Kinky and Dylan for lunch today, in Kerrville."

"Oh, that sounds fun."

"It always is," I replied. Then there was an awkward silence.

"Nancy, are you calling for the board meeting?"

"Yes. I am ready to do it." Then there was another awkward silence.

"It's next Monday, Nancy. Not today." Then she and I started laughing about me having a senior moment and getting the date wrong. Then we properly adios-ed each other.

As soon as I got off the phone with Sarah I called Kinky. And when I told him about me getting the date wrong for the board meeting he chuckled out loud.

At 1:35, we walked inside the Thai O'Cha restaurant and we were over five minutes late when we joined our friends for a delicious lunch.

Tony and I had a super fun time eating lunch with Dylan Ferrero and Kink. The two of them took turns telling us interesting and/or funny stories from their past. When I asked Dylan to give me an update on the seamstress repairs of his old, famous, cobra  snake jacket. Kinky chuckled and teased him, and said, "Oh not again. Keep it short, Dylan. Every time you and Nancy get together y'all end up talking about that jacket, that only you and Keith Richards own." We laughed.

"I got mine first," Dylan reminded Kinky. "When Keith saw mine, at a Band gig, he had one custom made for him, too. And only he and I have those coats. Sure there are other cobra jackets everywhere, but none like ours." Then Kinky jokingly yawned as Dylan gave us his latest, famous, jacket update."

Then it was Kinky's turn to talk to us about his upcoming East Coast tour, in March, that he is really looking forward to doing. And while we ate our delicious lunch together, Dylan and I talked about the time when he was with the Rolling Stones, backstage at a Band concert and him getting his good friend, Ronnie Wood, to call his friends, in Marble Falls, Texas, because they were big time fans of the Rolling Stones. 

And his friends not believing it was the famous rock star, Ronnie Wood, guitar player, because they thought it was Dylan playing a joke on them. "After Ronnie had talked to them, he handed me the phone and they were still in disbelief that they were talking to Ronnie. They even teased me and told me that I needed to work on my Cockney accent before pretending to be Ron Wood...."

And when Dylan and I changed the subject and were talking about our love for dogs—Tony and Kinky had cleaned their plates and were talking about Sophie and the rest of The Friedmans and Kinky's upcoming tour dates. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Mari of the NoMads said...

Doesn't matter who is playing in the Super Bowl, I always root for the Clydesdales.........

Okay, okay, okay - I can't take credit for the above - I saw it somewhere online and thought it was cute (and ACCURATE! LOL).

cousin nancy said...

I love it, Mari. I am going to steal "your" I always root for the Clydesdale" line and knowing me I probably won't be giving you any credit for it. What goes around comes around. : )