Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My Wildest Dreams!

Tony and I have been having a blast with Fay & Ian ever since they got here. Last night before we went over to Kinky's I took this picture of Fay & Ian having fun with Henry Standing Bear and Little Debbie.

The minute that Little Debbie laid her eye on Ian she was madly in love with him and she insisted that Ian keep holding her, in his arms. And that didn't bother Henry one bit, because he kept hamming-it-up with our Canadian friends, because he knows that they adopted his identical, twin sister, Miss Moneypenny and since they love her so much—he figured they must love him just as much, too.

This morning Fay & Ian came over to eat breakfast with us and drink some coffee, before Tony gave them a grand tour of the ranch, on Kermit. And while Tony was showing them the wild hogs, deer and turkeys eating along side Maya and our donkeys our good friend/volunteer, Tom, showed up, like he does most every morning, to feed carrots to Maya, Roy & Gabby and Little Jewford. And while they were out there visiting with Tom I took off, in Buttermilk, to run a few errands.

Early this afternoon we took Fay & Ian, to Fredericksburg, to eat lunch with us and to do a little shopping and they had dressed up, for the occasion, in their authentic-looking cowboy clothes. And they really looked like the "real-deal" too, wearing their cowboy hats, boots and western clothes, but the only thing that gave them away was Fay's cute Canadian accent and Ian's thick Scottish accent. 

We had a super fun, delicious lunch, at the Auslander and our friendly, cheerful waitress, Jaclyn, was absolutely the best waitress and she was most helpful with her food recommendations. 

After lunch, we hit the downtown sidewalks laughing and sharing stories. And while we were walking I noticed Fay's cowboy boots, because it was obvious to me that earlier, in the morning, Fay must have stepped in some fresh horse poop and hay when she had met Maya and the donkeys, because she had all this hay and "stuff" stuck, on the heels of her pretty boots. 

So I joked, "Good grief Fay, people are going to think that you're a real cowgirl, because your boots look like you just left the ranch." Fay looked down and was horrified and then we all started laughing, as she tried to rub "the range" off, on a curb. (I took a picture of her boots with my iPhone, but sadly it came out blurry, because I was still laughing.)

Our first stop was at Dogologie, one of my favorite stores, in Fredtown and we had a lot fun shopping there.

Fay & Ian bought fancy toys, Texas dog collars, etc. for Ranger (Blake Shelton) and Miss Moneypenny, who they adopted from us. And I purchased a beautiful, pink, dog sling big enough to carry both Little Debbie and Big Al(ice) at the same time and I also purchased a small, pretty, pink, collapsible water bowl for The Girls.

Our next shop to stop at was Heirlooms: Needless Necessities and Fay and I loved all of their cool stuff, because we did a lot of laughing, because of the hilarious quotes that we read that were on most of their merchandise. 

We found these two, cute, white t-shirts that were on a sale rack and the quote on them, in big, black, block lettering was "I Can't Even" but we didn't get to buy them, because they had already sold out of our sizes.

Then Fay found this great, hilarious, small sign, for a desk, that immediately cracked up both of us and so I bought it immediately. And to end tonight's post on a funny note here is my newest sign that I plan to display, on the breakfast bar, right next to Carlton.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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