Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thank Y'all!

Today has been great, because this morning when we opened up the Spotlight section, in the Kerrville Daily Times newspaper, we saw on the front page's top right-hand corner, Donna Gable Hatch's "Local musician loses everything in blaze" story about Chet O'Keefe's van and a picture of it engulfed in flames.

Donna and her husband Ryan are good friends with Chet, too and a few days ago, right after I had sent her an e-mail about what had happened to Chet and Willie, she called me seconds later, because she and Ryan were unaware of it and they were very concerned. And before she and I adios-ed each other, I had verified Chet's e-mail address and phone number with her.

Several minutes later the phone rang, again and it was Chet. He thanked me for letting Donna and Ryan know and we had a very brief conversation, because Chet had just picked up his passport and he and his mother were heading back home and trying to get out of the heavy Seattle traffic.

Then a few minutes later the phone rang again, but this time it was Donna. She told me that she had just talked to the Kerrville Daily News and  that she was going to write a story to help Chet and Willie get back on their feet. And then she briefly interviewed me for the story, before we adios-ed each other, again.

In Donna's great story, she included the address for "Let's help Chet: to make donations and I loved reading what the great Dalis Allen, the producer for the famous, Kerrville Folk Festival, kind words about Chet and his music and that she wanted to help out Chet too, by getting the word out about Chet's fundraising campaign, "Let's help Chet" to the performers and the good folks, attending the fun music festival. And tomorrow when Donna's column is posted on the Internet, I will be sure to share it.

After lunch when Tony went, to the highway, to pick up our mail, I had another great surprise when I read the Bandera County Courier newspaper, because our good friend, Judith Pannebaker, had written a fantastic story, "L-o-L-A, Lola La-la-la-la Lola, about our dog Lola" to help us get Lola get adopted. 

Before I post this tonight, I want to thank all of these great folks: Kerrville Daily Times, Donna Gable Hatch, Judith Pannebaker, Bandera County Courier, Dalis Allen and Kerrville Folk Festival and everyone who have or is or are planning to donate to help out Chet O'Keefe and Willie get back on their feet and I also want to thank these same people and newspapers for helping our rescue ranch! Life is Good. (Knock-On-Wood)

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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Anonymous said...

Nancy I also saw the article and am so happy to see the attention on LOLA and Chet. Hope they both receive everything they deserve. Thank you again for rescueing LOLA and me. Love ya bunches.