Sunday, June 19, 2016

Not For Sale!

Yesterday afternoon Tony and I had a very pleasant surprise. Doug, a friend/volunteer of ours who, in the past, has helped drive our dear friend Paul, out here, to deliver free dog food to us, showed up with his visiting daughter Lisa and her friend Annie.

Doug wanted Lisa and Annie, from Connecticut, to see our rescue ranch, while they were down here visiting him.

When they arrived, Tony was busy giving two nice women a tour, so I went to greet Doug, Lisa and Annie. And because we think so highly of Doug, because he volunteered  to drive Paul out here, because Paul was no long permitted to drive, I knew from the git-go that I was going to enjoy giving a tour of our rescue ranch and visiting with Doug, his sweet daughter, Lisa and her sweet friend, Annie.

I had already introduced them to all of our dogs, on Lois Lane's side and while I was introducing them to Donny and Marie Osmond, we saw the women leaving in their car, as Tony drove up, on Kermit. "Did they want to adopt any of our dogs," I asked, as Tony climbed out of Kermit.

"Well, yes," Tony replied," and no." Then he chuckled. "They wanted to buy Henry Standing Bear."

"No way," I said, as he walked up and joined us. "Are you serious? They wanted to buy Henry?"

"Yes. I'm serious," Tony stated. "When I told them that he was a part of our family, the woman told me to just give her an amount, because money was no object to her. I mean she really did want to buy Henry. So I told her that we loved Henry and he was not for sale." Then he laughed and said, "They were real nice women and she may have been teasing me, but she sure seemed serious about it."

Then the five of us took off. Tony and Kermit came up to The Cabin, while I finished walking around, introducing the rest of our sweet dogs to our friendly visitors.

While I was just about finished giving them a tour, Lisa and Annie told me that they were involved with animal rescue, in Connecticut, and that they are always pulling dogs from a local kill shelter and then fostering them until they could find them good homes. And they told me that they were big-time animal lovers and how much they love dogs. So, I invited everyone to come up, to The Cabin, so we could visit some more and drink some water, inside our air-conditioned trailer.

Tony and I had a blast visiting with Doug and getting to know Lisa and Annie. And at one point, Doug told us, "I know that coming out here is going to be the highlight of Lisa's and Annie's trip." And the women told us that Doug was right about that, because they were very impressed with our rescue ranch and then they thanked us for what we do out here.

Before our friends had to go Tony asked them to please watch our Longmire—Texas Style video and watch Chet O'Keefe sing his song, that he wrote for me, Ode to Cousin Nancy, when we had a house/dining hall concert, out here for him, two years ago.

They thought our Longmire—Texas Style spoof was absolutely hilarious and all three of them teared up, when they watched Chet sing, Ode To Cousin Nancy, even though Tony had pre-warned them that it would make them cry.

And as we were hugging and adios-ing each other, I joked, "I'm sorry that Tony made y'all cry. I always hate it when visitors leave here crying and wiping away tears." Then all of us burst out laughing. Life Is Good!

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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