Monday, June 20, 2016

Roy's Meds! or Note To Chet! or Bett Fields Is An Angel!

Today has been fantastic! This morning after Tony did the chores outside we went to Kerrville for three reasons:

     1. Pick up Roy Rogers' meds at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic
     2. Fill up Buttermilk at the big H.E.B.
     3. And buying a few groceries at the big H.E.B.

Of course, Roy's meds were the main reason for the trip and on our way, to Kerrville, Tony told me that he was hungry and he asked me if we were going to eat in town. And in less than a minute and one phone call, we were going to meet our good friends Kris & Jim for lunch, at Billy Gene's Restaurant, because all of us love their Monday Special that they serve with Squash Casserole.

During our fun, delicious lunch we talked about how much we love the Longmire series, Grace & Frankie and The Ranch, all on Netflix. We also laughed and joked about a lot of other things, but I got nervous when Tony said, "We are running on fumes and I hope that we can make it to H.E.B. without running out of gas...."

So later on, after we had adios-ed each other, we headed down Junction Highway, with our fingers crossed, in hopes that we didn't run out of gas.

Well, luckily we made it there fine and while Tony was filling up Buttermilk's nearly empty gas tank, I quickly rushed up and down the isles getting the few groceries that we needed.

And I guess, because of the adrenaline rush of possibly running out of gas—we drove straight home. And it wasn't until we came inside, The Cabin, with the groceries, that we realized that both of us had completely forgotten to pick up Roy's meds, at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic.
(And please note that I blaming the temporary "adrenaline rush" for this, instead of admitting that we are simply old and that we often are forgetful.)

So, around 3:00, Tony and I once again, jumped back into Buttermilk and took off for Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic.

When we arrived at the clinic, all of the parking spaces were taken, so Tony took a left and dropped me off, so I could skip inside to pick up Roy's monthly supply of pills.

When I walked inside, their lobby was full of all kinds of people, with their lovable pets anxiously awaiting to see the doctors. Sweet Susan saw me and smiled, and then said, "I bet that you're here to pick up a guitar and Roy's pills!"

"Omg!" I said. "The guitar is here! That's fantastic news!" Then Susan walked away and quickly returned with Chet O'Keefe's brand new Martin guitar, inside a case, with a pink note taped to the case.

It was the awesome Martin "Good Time Eddie" that Bett Fields had generously donated to Chet,  after reading Donna Gable Hatch's story about Chet's van burning up, in the Kerrville Daily Times.

So now I can disclose that the secret drop-off point that Bett and I had agreed on was, at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic.

With Roy's meds in one hand and Chet's guitar in my other hand, I said, "Susan, please thank Cathy and all of y'all for letting Bett drop the guitar off here. I can't wait to let Chet know!"

When Tony drove up to pick me up, he saw the guitar and he was smiling from ear-to-ear. I then quickly loaded Chet's guitar, on the back seat, jumped  into the front seat and we headed home.

As soon as we got home, Tony put Chet O'Keefe's new cut-away Martin on the coffee table, while I read the pink note.

Because Chet had asked me earlier to please check out the Martin and play it, so I could let him know  about it. I opened the case. And it looked brand new!

Then I looked at the paperwork and read Bett's note:

After I read her sweet note, that nearly made me tear up, I agreed with Tony that Bett Fields has a heart of gold which definitely confirms that she is an Angel amongst us. 

Then I put the note down and played this beautiful awesome guitar for only a couple of minutes, because I already knew when I plucked the first string that it was one super, fine Martin guitar. And it also has a Roland preamp installed on it that I am sure Chet will love. 

And there is just one more thing I want to say, before posting this tonight. "Chet, I know that your blue, handmade, Telecaster is totally irreplaceable, but to help you get back on your feet I want to give you my Telecaster guitar that I named B.B. But you can't have my strap!"

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!  

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